Coffee Recipes

3 Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

3 Ingredient Coffee Ice Cream

Lolly St John
By Lolly St John

With Just 3 Ingredients, He Creates A Divine Dessert That Has My Mouth Watering. - The...

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Black Magic Cake Recipe

Black Magic Cake

Annelise Friedman
By Annelise Friedman

This is a Michigan family favorite. The recipe originated in a small Ann Arbor cookbook and...

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Blueberry & Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe

Blueberry & Cheese Coffee Cake

Annelise Friedman
By Annelise Friedman

I found this in an old cookbook. It's a really easy recipe, though the directions make...

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Coffee Shake Recipe

Coffee Shake

By S I

Another JAP "orphan" recipe that I adopted/claimed. Will post a picture soon.

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Cappuccino Truffles Recipe

Cappuccino Truffles

Carol Junkins
By Carol Junkins

Truffles??? Whats not to like? With Brandy extract and orange peel with marshmallow cream no one could...

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Tirimisu Trifle Recipe

Tirimisu Trifle

colleen gilbert
By colleen gilbert

Tirimisu is one of my favorite desserts. This is an easy version and gets rave reviews! If...

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shatner's cappuccino muffins Recipe

shatner's cappuccino muffins

c g
By c g

found this years ago on my first internet cooking trip. i have tried several but these...

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