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Peaches and Cream Cake Recipe

Peaches and Cream Cake

April Fuller
By April Fuller

I had this at a bed and breakfast in Elizabeth City, NC and I have searched...

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Bang'n Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Bang'n Blueberry Coffee Cake

Darci Juris
By Darci Juris

After trying several different combinations, I have finally created the best blueberry coffee cake recipe ever....

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Coffee Cake 1930   (Number 2) Recipe

Coffee Cake 1930 (Number 2)

Marcia McCance
By Marcia McCance

This is the third recipe from Mrs Marcus that Mom has in her notebook. This, too,...

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Coffee Cake 1952 (yeast) Recipe

Coffee Cake 1952 (yeast)

Marcia McCance
By Marcia McCance

Mom loved coffee cake. Here is another coffee cake recipe but this one is made like...

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Coffee Shake Recipe

Coffee Shake

By S I

Another JAP "orphan" recipe that I adopted/claimed. Will post a picture soon.

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