Coconut Recipes

Pina Colada French Toast & Orange Syrup Recipe

Pina Colada French Toast & Orange Syrup

By Teresa Jacobson

Since having a Pina Colada for breakfast is frowned upon, I threw together this delicious variation...

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Coconut-Pecan Cookies Recipe

Coconut-Pecan Cookies

By Jennifer Jones

This is one from one of my grandmothers, Dorothy Wadkins. She baked these for a cookie...

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Orange Blossom Balls Recipe

Orange Blossom Balls

By Mary Ann Thompson

My mother always made these at Christmas when I was a kid and for wedding/baby showers....

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Goff Bars Recipe

"Goff" Bars

By Lisa 'Gayle' Goff

I had something LIKE these in a favorite bagel shop years ago (they had no idea...

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