Champagne Recipes

Pink Champagne Cupcakes Recipe

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Annie Wazny
By Annie Wazny

Made these for a girlfriend's 30th birthday...Cheers! It's a Betty Crocker recipe

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Champagne Bread Recipe

Champagne Bread

Amber Shelton
By Amber Shelton

Super good, fluffy bread! Don't drink all the champagne before you use it!

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Raspberry Champagne Punch Recipe

Raspberry Champagne Punch

Kelly Williams
By Kelly Williams

One of the prettiest, best-tasting punches I make! It's fantastic year-round for gatherings, birthdays, anniversary parties,...

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Glasses & Containers for Drink Making Recipe

Glasses & Containers for Drink Making

By S I

*Just thought I'd share this information for the drink makers.* There are various types of glassware of...

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Alcohol subsitution list Recipe

Alcohol subsitution list

Debra Taylor
By Debra Taylor

I love cooking with different spirits, but a lot of people don't so here is a...

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Homemade champagne vinegar Recipe

Homemade champagne vinegar

Lucille Hoerle
By Lucille Hoerle

Here is something you can do with leftover champagne. Champagne vinegar is expensive to buy...

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