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Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin with Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe

Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin with Brown Sugar Glaze

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch

Today I was going through my "junk" drawer looking for a specific recipe for my husband's...

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Homemade Fiddle Faddle (Toffee Popcorn) Recipe

Homemade Fiddle Faddle (Toffee Popcorn)

Bobbie Hewitt
By Bobbie Hewitt

I love this waay more than the traditional caramel popcorn. It's easy enough to make for...

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French Toast (To DIE FOR) Recipe

French Toast (To DIE FOR)

Eliza Spencer
By Eliza Spencer

So I must admit that this is not an original Eliza Spencer recipe! It is Alton...

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Bacon,  Bacon, who has the Bacon Recipe

Bacon, Bacon, who has the Bacon

deb baldwin
By deb baldwin

I watched the food channel one day and Ina (Barefoot Contessa) was cooking bacon. I was surprised...

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Mjeddrah (lentils with rice) Recipe

Mjeddrah (lentils with rice)

Joan Hunt
By Joan Hunt

This is traditionally eaten with a salad with oil-and-vinegar dressing over the lentil-rice mixture, similar to...

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Crumb Cake Muffins Recipe

Crumb Cake Muffins

maritza soto
By maritza soto

I baked these for a morning PTA meeting and they were a hit! This can also be...

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Bacon Chicken Wraps Recipe

Bacon Chicken Wraps

Becky Kuboff
By Becky Kuboff

I saw this recipe on a cooking show about three years ago and haven't stopped making...

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