Blueberries Recipes

~ Patriotic Fruit Pizza ~ Recipe

~ Patriotic Fruit Pizza ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

My son needed another lesson to add to his portfolio this year in his Home Economics...

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Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake

Carol White
By Carol White

Bring the bold and beloved fresh flavors of lemon and blueberries together to make this wonderful...

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Lemon Glazed Blueberry Tea Bread Recipe

Lemon Glazed Blueberry Tea Bread

Patti Jones
By Patti Jones

I enter our local Farm Fair Culinary Competition on the quest for the coveted Silver Bowl...

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Bonnie D.
By Bonnie D.

This is a good brunch recipe for a lazy Saturday morning. Unusual, giant popover appearance, this...

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Blueberry Scones Recipe

Blueberry Scones

Julia Ferguson
By Julia Ferguson

Over the weekend I saw this recipe being made on America's Test Kitchen on PBS. They...

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Berry Cream Cheese Danish Recipe

Berry Cream Cheese Danish

Cheryl Mills
By Cheryl Mills

I created this recipe using a combination of recipes. These recipes have proven to be tried...

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Blueberry Jello Salad Recipe

Blueberry Jello Salad

Cassie *
By Cassie *

My aunt gave me this recipe, its simply delicious. Wonderful for summertime. Enjoy!

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Carol's Mouth Watering Blueberry Pie Recipe

Carol's Mouth Watering Blueberry Pie

Cassie *
By Cassie *

This recipe comes from my dear friend Carol, from JAP...this is my first attempt at a...

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Blueberry Boy Bait Recipe

Blueberry Boy Bait

Cassie *
By Cassie *

Been wanting to try this recipe from my Yankee Magazine. This is a little trivia that...

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Berry Cherry Cheesecake Pie Recipe

Berry Cherry Cheesecake Pie

Tammy Brownlow
By Tammy Brownlow

It's been a couple months since I posted a cheesecake even though cheesecake is one of...

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Boo - Berry  Cheesecake - Cass's Recipe

Boo - Berry Cheesecake - Cass's

Cassie *
By Cassie *

My senior year in High School, in my Audio Visual Class...I demonstrated making this Cheesecake and...

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Delicious Blueberry Sauce Recipe

Delicious Blueberry Sauce

Cassie *
By Cassie *

This sauce can be used for pancakes, waffles, cheesecakes... This sauce beats the canned pie filling any...

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BlueBerry Dream Cake Recipe

BlueBerry Dream Cake

Karen Schurr
By Karen Schurr

Every time I bring this to a meeting or potluck I have to give the recipe...

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Bonnie D.
By Bonnie D.

This is a family favorite. I love the mild, fruity taste of this Red...

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