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Grandma Katherine's Lemon bars Recipe

Grandma Katherine's Lemon bars

melissa smith
By melissa smith

Grandma Katherine was a self taught cook. She often created her own recipes by taste....

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Treadmill Worthy Brownies Recipe

Treadmill Worthy Brownies

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch

I got this recipe from a Southern Living cookbook when I was a teenager. It was...

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Pumpkin Apple Bars By Freda Recipe

Pumpkin Apple Bars By Freda


This is a family favorite that My kids all loved while growing up. My Daughter called...

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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars Recipe

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

Terrie Hoelscher
By Terrie Hoelscher

Woo-hoooo! This is my 100th recipe posted! :o) These pumpkin cream cheese bars are just right for...

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Apricot Angel Brownies Recipe

Apricot Angel Brownies

Pam Ellingson
By Pam Ellingson

Bless the person who originally posted this recipe. Originally published as Apricot Angel Brownies in Country...

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