Banana Recipes

Southern Banana Pudding Recipe

Southern Banana Pudding

Janna Kerr
By Janna Kerr

I love love love Banana Pudding! It is my all-time favorite southern dessert!! Eating...

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Banana Split Brownie Cake Recipe

Banana Split Brownie Cake

Melissa Turner
By Melissa Turner

This desert is my family's all time favorite and super easy to make. Trust me if...

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Tasha's Pecan Banana bread Recipe

Tasha's Pecan Banana bread

Natasha Cannon
By Natasha Cannon

This is my recipe for Pecan Banana bread .. taken from other recipes and tweaked just...

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Banana split cake Recipe

Banana split cake

Kathy McCoy
By Kathy McCoy

I must, must caution you; this recipe does contain two raw eggs. If you are...

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Coconut/Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Coconut/Banana Cream Pie

Genny Miller
By Genny Miller

I love Coconut Cream Pie and Banana Cream Pie. Combining the two makes the best of...

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Chunky Monkey Pancakes Recipe

Chunky Monkey Pancakes

Mandy Langdon
By Mandy Langdon

Banana's and Chocolate chips! Look Out! This one came in my mail box from another site....

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Strawberry Banana Loaf Recipe

Strawberry Banana Loaf

Olivia Russell
By Olivia Russell

This loaf is absolute perfection! It makes a good dessert, breakfast, brunch, snack. You may want...

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Straw-Nana Monkey Cake Recipe

Straw-Nana Monkey Cake

Jammie Gogel
By Jammie Gogel

If most of my friends on here haven't noticed I love using cream cheese with a...

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