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Fabulous Chicken Salad Recipe

Fabulous Chicken Salad

Stacey Vadas
By Stacey Vadas

We all LOVE chicken salad on croissants in my house. Over the years, and with...

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Meave's Yule Punch Recipe

Meave's Yule Punch

Amy Herald
By Amy Herald

This punch is so yummy. I make it every Christmas. You can also make this a...

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Jezebel Sauce Recipe

Jezebel Sauce

Lynn Zak
By Lynn Zak

This makes alot and it keeps forever in the refrigerator.. a great thing to have on...

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Hungarian Nut Rolls Recipe

Hungarian Nut Rolls

Donna Bardocz
By Donna Bardocz

This wonderful recipe was my husband’s Hungarian grandma’s recipe. She would lovingly make them whenever...

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Apple Pie Cupcakes Recipe

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Sue H
By Sue H

I found this recipe and tried it but I shortened the steps by using canned apple...

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Apple Bacon Meatloaf Recipe

Apple Bacon Meatloaf

Cindy Ferguson
By Cindy Ferguson

I did some experimenting in the kitchen today. This turned out to be a great...

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Persimmon Apple cake Recipe

Persimmon Apple cake

Karina Alcala
By Karina Alcala

This cake reminds me of fall. About two years ago I discovered some persimmon trees...

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Cider Basted Apple Dumplings Recipe

Cider Basted Apple Dumplings

Susan Bickta
By Susan Bickta

This recipe is a version of my husband's Mom-mom Bessie's recipe. She made the BEST...

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Taffy Apple Salad Recipe

Taffy Apple Salad

Annelise Friedman
By Annelise Friedman

This is a super yummy and easy dessert/salad. You need to begin to prepare it a...

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~ German Pot ~ Recipe

~ German Pot ~

Cassie *
By Cassie *

Sausage and Kraut seemed to go well with today's chilly weather . Being part German, we...

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