Apple Recipes

Deep Dish Apple Crisp Recipe

Deep Dish Apple Crisp

Laura Daszynicz
By Laura Daszynicz

I made this recipe by trial and error. I love apple pies but sometimes do not...

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Pistachio/Apple Chicken w/ Mushroom sauce Recipe

Pistachio/Apple Chicken w/ Mushroom sauce

Deb Crane
By Deb Crane

Hello! This is my first recipe to share. A wonderful blend of ingredients perfect for that...

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Apple Dumplings Recipe

Apple Dumplings

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch

A great alternative to apple pie. I've been making these for over 30 years.

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Apple Bacon Meatloaf Recipe

Apple Bacon Meatloaf

Cindy Ferguson
By Cindy Ferguson

I did some experimenting in the kitchen today. This turned out to be a great...

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Easy Apple Crisp Recipe

Easy Apple Crisp

galen allis
By galen allis

This is not a recipe for people who like to measure things out or stay clean...

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Apple smoked pork chops Recipe

Apple smoked pork chops

sherry monfils
By sherry monfils

These taste just like the fall season should taste. These are awesome with some whipped sweet...

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Carrot and apple salad Recipe

Carrot and apple salad

deb baldwin
By deb baldwin

I received some home grown carrots from a client..they where so huge! 2 large carrots made...

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Granny's Apple Pie Recipe

Granny's Apple Pie

Amy Herald
By Amy Herald

This recipe came out of my Granny's (Great Grandmother) 1941 New American Cookbook. I've tweaked it...

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Meave's Yule Punch Recipe

Meave's Yule Punch

Amy Herald
By Amy Herald

This punch is so yummy. I make it every Christmas. You can also make this a...

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