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Lemon Curd

By Karla Everett Karla59

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1-1/2 cup
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Cook Time:
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Stove Top

Karla's Story

This curd is so easy to make and has a very good lemony flavor.



3 large
3/4 c
1/3 c
fresh lemon juice (from 2-3 lemons)
1 Tbsp
lemon zest , finely grated
4 Tbsp
unsalted butter ; cut into small pieces

Directions Step-By-Step

Roll 2-3 room temperature lemons on your counter to loosen juice in side ; Using a fine grater , grate lemon rind to get your zest before you cut the lemons , cut lemons and squeeze the lemons through a strainer to catch any seeds and lemon pulp.
In the top of a double broiler combine the eggs , sugar and then add the FRESHLY squeezed lemon juice.
Cook over simmering hot water ( WHISKING the whole time so it don't curdle ) for 10 minutes or longer ; it will become the consistency of thick pudding. You can use a thermometer and measure the curd , it should reach around 170°.
Note: It may take longer than the 10 minutes of stirring time , try getting the curd to the same simmering temp before you start timing , because sometimes when you use a double broiler its hard to get it up to the proper temp.( I don't always use a D.B. just don't bring it to a boil or let it scorch if using direct heat.)
Remove from the heat and whisk the butter into the curd until butter is dissolved ; Mix in the shredded lemon zest.
Let cool ; it will continue to get thicker as it cools.
Pour into a small jar and seal tightly or cover with plastic wrap ( laying on top ; touching the curd ) so it does not form a skin like pudding does when its not covered.
Refrigerate and can be stored for up to 7 days.
Curd can be used in filling in donuts , jelly rolls , cakes , ect...

About this Recipe

Main Ingredient: Fruit
Regional Style: American
Other Tags: Quick & Easy, Healthy
Hashtags: #lemon, #curd

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Carol Harpel Kitzer
Aug 18, 2014
Karla - Thanks, I guess it's all about the 'fresh taste'!!
Karla Everett Karla59
Aug 18, 2014
Pure fresh lemon juice is always what I have used and can't guarantee how it would be with concentrated juice. Also like Susan salad I use the zest from the peel anyway.
Susan Feliciano frenchtutor
Aug 16, 2014
Actually, yes, my husband and Jose are distant cousins, from the same county in Puerto Rico. But they don't really know each other.
Carol Harpel Kitzer
Aug 16, 2014
Susan - Thanks! I always have dried zest and/or fresh frozen zest on hand.
Gotta ask - are you/husband related to Jose Feliciano, the well noted Classic Guitarist???
Susan Feliciano frenchtutor
Aug 16, 2014
Not sure if Karla saw your question. I think because the recipe also calls for lemon zest, you might as well use the real lemons, since you will have to grate the peel to get a tablespoon of zest anyway.