Going Bananas for Sweet Dessert Treats
By Janet Tharpe

Going Bananas for Sweet Dessert Treats
Banana Scones, Peanut Butter Glaze

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but bananas were always what kept us kids coming back for more! Mom would buy them by the bunches to keep us in the yellow. In fact, I never saw a brown banana until I was an adult... because us kids would gobble them up as soon as she brought them home!

Well, it seems that I'm not alone in my fruit fancying. "I've got two favorite ingredients, bananas and peanut butter," says home cook Lorie Roach. And she deftly combines those two faves in her stand-out recipe for Roasted Banana Scones with Peanut Butter Glaze. (Insert moment of reverential silence.) What a terrific recipe this is! Light and flavorful, these little dears are everything you'd ever want in a scone. And did I mention the sweet peanut butter glaze? Oh, my. "It's a delicious breakfast recipe," admits Lorie. In fact, they're so good that we also love to serve them as an unusual twist on dinnertime dessert.

Perhaps more traditional, at least to those of us growing up in southern kitchens, is good old banana pudding. What I can't get over, though, is how very much can be done to punch up the simple, classic dish! Becky Campbell's Rich-N-Creamy take on banana pudding had tongues wagging at a recent birthday party we hosted for one of the folks on the Kitchen Crew. We've been getting questions about the recipe ever since! "I [originally] got this recipe from a co-worker and have made it many, many times," says Becky. "Everyone just raves about it."

We had exactly the same result at our shindig! Not only did the southern birthday boy give the pudding a thumbs-up, but so did every single party guest. The secret is in the generous addition of sweetened condensed milk! It adds a non-traditional depth of richness that made for a downright addictive dessert. A must-try for any puddin' fan.

Just like my own mama's banana bread, Audra LeNormand of Liberty, TX found her favorite banana recipe by looking to her family. "My Aunt Maxine gave me this recipe," she says of her decadent banana cake. "It is so good and moist." The from-scratch cake gets a healthy infusion of homemade banana syrup before being piled high with layers of fresh banana slices. Can you say de-lish?

"The recipe is over 100 years old," explains Audra. I've so cherished [my aunt] giving it to me. She only made it on special occasions and everyone looked forward to it." This cake makes for a truly impressive presentation and is delicious served with a freshly whipped batch of cream... or all by itself!

Whether you prefer your fruit in the raw or baked into one of these decadent sweet treats, don't forget to leave a spot for 'em at your family table. As sweet as they are nutritious, bananas may just be our secret weapon to a deliciously healthy future!

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    Straw's Kitchen GrandsBest - Jul 31, 2012
    Love banana anything...the scones are great and the banana pudding is a great recipe I have made for years. And that banana cake, what else can one say.
  • user
    Kelly Roberts bubblingover - Jul 31, 2012
    I am lmbo.. I was just looking yesterday for something to do different with those bananas and today it is here.. I love when things come together.. Now I need to choose which one I am going to make.. I love all the recipes on jap. Especially that they are from family tradition.
  • user
    Deborah Hurtado deborahspalmtree - Aug 1, 2012
    Just in time for me to use up my black bananas that my husband keeps throwing out because they are "gross"!
    LOVE this web site!
  • user
    Chelsea Mitcham shellsea87 - Aug 1, 2012
    Looks like we share some favorite ingredients. Mine are bananas, peanut butter, and pretzels! Add any or all to almost any dessert and it's amazing! Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, you name it. Big LIKE to this article!
  • user
    Donna Thiemann Angelfoodie - Aug 2, 2012
    Even when watching your weight you can freeze them and blend them for a taste just like ice cream and oh so smooth !

    Very nice article! It's getting Banana Muffin and Banana Bread time! Thank you Janet!