Go Bold With Butter: Spreading The Joy of Home Cooking
By Janet Tharpe

Go Bold With Butter: Spreading The Joy of Home Cooking
Butter Poached Lobster with Corn Pudding

Sometimes it really pays to be bold. In fact, it can be downright delicious! We've noticed a ton a bold flavor combinations popping up in some of the most popular recipes here in the Club. And interestingly, there's one common thread... butter! We've been wowed by how creative folks are getting. There's even a blog devoted entirely to the best of butter at www.GoBoldWithButter.com! Got to love that.

This age old flavor fave has clearly become the vehicle for some fantastically de-lish dishes. In fact, unofficial Just A Pinch smile ambassador Sherri Logan Williams recently weighed in with a brand new Blue Ribbon recipe that elevates butter to a brilliantly bold new level! Born of a "mystery basket" ingredient challenge, her Butter Poached Lobster & Coconut Corn Pudding is a true shining star. "The mystery ingredients for the Mystery Basket Challenge were corn, eggs & bread crumbs," explains Sherri. "I chose to make a Thai inspired corn pudding with butter poached lobster. To my surprise, it was pretty darn good. I hope that you all will try this one." Pretty good? Hardly. Like anyone who cooks with passion, Sherri's know show to infuse her recipes with TLC. This dish is a buttery delight for the senses. A must try!

So what could possibly be flavorful enough to pair with such a bold dish? How about a side of comforting, homemade Fettuccine Alfredo?! Megan Olson has mastered the classic pasta dish. Paring down ingredients to just the tasty basics, her recipe is a snap to prepare. In fact, it was the first recipe her husband ever made when he was learning to cook! "This rich, creamy dish is one of my favorite comfort foods," she explains. "It has gotten rave reviews from even the pickiest eaters of the family." The creamy, buttery pasta has all the flavor of restaurant fare without all the expense... a terrific go-to side.

With a meal like this, you can't afford to let your bread go undressed! Spice things up with a healthy helping of Linda Farnsworth's outstanding Chipotle Butter! If you haven't tried chipotle peppers before, they are simply smoked jalapenos. While they do have a kick, they also have a wonderfully unique earthiness that is just plain addictive. Paired with garlic, cilantro and sweet cream butter, you've got one killer spread. "A dab of this spicy, creamy butter on a tender steak, burger, or corn on the cob is all you'll need for super flavor!" says Linda. "[Or] even slather on crusty bread and grill or broil until golden for your family - they'll love it."

For dessert, bold and buttery is always best! Ms. Mary Louise is shaking things up with her delectable recipe for Cranberry Cake with Lemon Butter Sauce. "This is a very old recipe that belonged to my grandmother," explains Mary. "This cake has to be served with the lemon butter sauce or you can not fully enjoy it." She is so right! Like all of these great dishes, Mary's cake is all about the butter. It adds a richness that just can't be replicated any other way. Mary says she loves to share her lovely cake with friends over a steamy cup of coffee. Well, save us a slice, Mary - We're a'coming!

Why not make your own bold, buttery statement tonight? Try a new recipe... or two or three! Variety is the spice of life and we sure do love heating things up in the kitchen.

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    Dee Stillwell LILLYDEE - Apr 24, 2012
    Sherri, congrats on being recognized by Janet on another one of ur delicious mouth watering recipes.
    Janet sez ur Butter Poached Lobster & Coconut Corn Pudding is a shining star...I agree, but the real shining star is our sister Sherri. I'm so proud of u and truly happy for all ur recent accomplishments. Love u gurl
  • user
    Jane McMillan-Whittaker janenov46 - Apr 24, 2012
    Sherri's got Rock Star written all over her!
    Congrats Ms Sherri for your prolific and fab cooking!
  • user
    Nancy R Robeyone - Apr 24, 2012
    Congrats FL sister!!!!
  • user
    Sherri Logan Williams logansw - Apr 24, 2012
    What a great honor! I'm humbled by it all. I'm truly blessed to have the greatest family, friends and be apart of the JAP, the best recipe club in the world..BAR NONE!!!

    Thank you Dee & Jane for your kind words and always being such great friends and support. You girls are my ♥...I ♥ U bunches...sw☺
  • user
    Melissa Sperka MelissasSouthernStyleKitchen - Apr 24, 2012
    Congrats, Sherri on a fantastic recipe!! You are so creative, and I think you have a special creativity when it comes to Seafood. We can all learn a lot from you on that subject!!! Keep cooking and using your imagination to bring delicious dishes to our tables! xoxo