Taking a New Spice Route
By Janet Tharpe

Taking a New Spice Route
Robyn Fischesser's Snickerdoodle Muffins

Growing up I learned to waste not, want not. That was simply our way of life. Now as an adult, I challenge myself every day to be careful with pennies and use only the smallest amount of an ingredient necessary to get the desired effect. This is especially true with spices, which can tend to be expensive and, at times, hard to find.

Recently, though, I made a discovery that has liberated me from my habit of conserving spices. Are you ready?..

Cinnamon does, in fact, grow on trees!

A type of evergreen tree, to be exact. And if I can't grow money on trees, I'll happily take a cinnamon tree any day of the week! This little kernel of knowledge about the origins of my favorite spice has done nothing to change its cost or value, but I smile now each time I wantonly toss an extra pinch into my mixing bowl. Oh, the decadence...

One of my favorite cinnamon-y treats of late comes from Robyn Fischesser of Dry Ridge, KY. Her Snickerdoodle Muffin recipe is always a big hit... each muffin capped with a delightful dusting of cinnamon and sugar.

Another great way to get your day off to a sweet start is with Shauna Farr's Monkey Bread recipe. Even the non-cinnamon eaters in my life ask for me to make this one for them. (Yes, there are actually people who don't like cinnamon, unbelievable I know.) Sweet, sticky and with a silly name, this one is perfect for kids of all ages to lend a hand on. I'd make it every day if I could... because after all, monkeys grow on trees too!

Help me spice up the Test Kitchen with some cinnamon recipes of your own! Have one you think we should try?

By the way, my cinnamon studies were inspired by a member's post on the Just A Pinch Facebook page. Have you checked it out yet? Oh, and I'm Twittering now, too. Come on over - We'd love to become your friend!

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  • user
    DORIS HENDERSON doris - Mar 2, 2010
    never have tried monkey bread but i think i would like it alot. DORIS HENDERSON
  • user
    Kathy Sterling Kster2033 - Mar 3, 2010
    I have not had Monkey Bread in years and am looking forward to making it again for my grand children.
  • user
    Judy Corea JudyCooks - Mar 4, 2010
    This IS a delicious and fun dessert. I've found it's always best when served right out of the oven and enjoyed while still warm and sticky! My large family just loved it recently and I had to admit how easy it was to make.
  • user
    NADINE REID NADINE - Mar 4, 2010
    I've just found this site and am looking for cupcake and muffin ideas. I am on a "Quest" to match the things I love (but cannot afford) at our local coffee shop/bakery. I think I am about to discover that Snickerdoodle is more than a funny name!
  • user
    Marie Cordalis mariecc - Mar 4, 2010
    The Snickerdoodle muffins look great! Can't wait to try them. My husband loves the cookies and I'll bet he'll snap up the muffins also.