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This the place for all of us that like to fish.Young,old,guys,and gals. A plac to swap storyes,places to fish. What you fish for. How you fish,And what not. Do you have a special way to cook fish. Please post it here. I know a lot of us love to fish. So come on Joine the fun

Melanie B
Dec 1, 2015

If this doesn't scare you!!!

On November 2, 2015, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first genetically modified food animal1 — an Atlantic salmon that grows twice as fast as natural salmon, thanks to the insertion of genes from Chinook salmon and eelpout (an eel-like fish).

As a result, they carry three copies of each chromosome instead of two. But that's not the only change. Their sex hormones will also undergo complicated manipulation to ensure they're all female.

They're also said to be sterile, as an added precaution should they manage to escape, but the sterilization process has been criticized as flawed, and not 100 percent guaranteed.2

Adding insult to recklessness, the FDA will not require any additional labeling identifying the genetically aberrant nature of this salmon. The news of the approval was shocking to many, considering the strong opposition to it, and undoubtedly resulted in more than a few exasperated facepalms.
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Maggie ^O^
Jul 30, 2015

Does Anyone Miss Bob?

Did anyone even notice that he was missing?

Guess what ...

How much longer is this going to go on?

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 9, 2015

Heading to Copper River for Sockeye's that time of year. I got our dipnetting permit and we are headed to Chitna to dipnet our sockeye. This year, we are allowed 35 sockeyes and 1 King Salmon. I already have the zipseal bags ready to go and the travel trailer is loaded and ready. Last year we put up 75 lbs of Copper River Sockeye Salmon. I saw the price today is $14.00 a pound. I can't believe it is that expensive, yet I know a lot of people who will pay for it. I feel very blessed to live in a place that allows its residents to make use of our own natural resources.

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 5, 2015

Seafood Stock

Yes....I saved all my shells from shrimp, lobster, and crab as well as scrap veggies (the ends and peelings of onions, carrots, etc.) Since I bought some AK King Crab today at the store to make a grilled cheese, I thought I had enough to bring the old shells out of the freezer and make stock. I will pressure can this stock and use it whenever I need to make gumbo, chowder, orzo or anything else that a seafood stock might enhance the recipe better than water.

Sherry Blizzard
Jun 26, 2014

Copper River Sockeye Reds

The hunky hubby just got home with our CR Sockeye. We have 75 pounds this year and 64 fillets. Send your salmon recipes.

Bob Wakeman
Apr 10, 2014

Going to be in the 70s today.

I am going to get away from things to day and go fishin. I know the Crappie and Blue Gill have been biting The place were I go they stocked Rainbow Trout 3 weeks ago. They are over looked. But not by me. I don't really care just what is biting Just to get away is the big thing..