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This the place for all of us that like to fish.Young,old,guys,and gals. A plac to swap storyes,places to fish. What you fish for. How you fish,And what not. Do you have a special way to cook fish. Please post it here. I know a lot of us love to fish. So come on Joine the fun


Copper River Sockeye Reds

By Sherry Blizzard - Jun 26, 2014

The hunky hubby just got home with our CR Sockeye. We have 75 pounds this year and 64 fillets. Send your salmon recipes.

Going to be in the 70s today.

By Bob Wakeman - Apr 10, 2014

I am going to get away from things to day and go fishin. I know the Crappie and Blue Gill have been biting The place were I go they stocked Rainbow Trout 3 weeks ago. They are over looked. But not by me. I don't really care just what is biting Just to get away is the big thing..

New fish..The Swarp

Going ouy fishing tomorrow,

By Bob Wakeman - Mar 31, 2014

First time out this year. I know the Blue Gill and Crappy are biting. going to a friends privet lake. Any time I get to go fishing is a good day..

Next time you buy frozen catfish..

By Bob Wakeman - Mar 12, 2014

Next time you buy frozen catfish or any other fish and seafood. Please read the package. It may say farm raised. But from what farm. There is a lot of fish being imported from China. Read the lable before you buy. I only buy frozen fish that is raised in the USA.
You would be surprised how much of our food comes from China. Please read the package..