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This the place for all of us that like to fish.Young,old,guys,and gals. A plac to swap storyes,places to fish. What you fish for. How you fish,And what not. Do you have a special way to cook fish. Please post it here. I know a lot of us love to fish. So come on Joine the fun
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Sherry Blizzard akflurry - Jun 26, 2014
The hunky hubby just got home with our CR Sockeye. We have 75 pounds this year and 64 fillets. Send your salmon recipes.
Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Apr 10, 2014
I am going to get away from things to day and go fishin. I know the Crappie and Blue Gill have been biting The place were I go they stocked Rainbow Trout 3 weeks ago. They are over looked. But not by me. I don't really care just what is...
Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Mar 31, 2014
First time out this year. I know the Blue Gill and Crappy are biting. going to a friends privet lake. Any time I get to go fishing is a good day..
Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - Mar 12, 2014
Next time you buy frozen catfish or any other fish and seafood. Please read the package. It may say farm raised. But from what farm. There is a lot of fish being imported from China. Read the lable before you buy. I only buy frozen fish that is raised in...
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