Kitchen Mishaps & Bloopers: LOL

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We've all had them... disasters, bloopers, mishaps, mistakes in the kitchen or while cooking. Let's share our funny stories with each other... makes me feel less like a dope to realize that others have mishaps while cooking too. This is just a light hearted group to share stories to give us all a laugh.


Learning Curve...

By Sandie Vandenhouten - Jul 26, 2013

My husband and I have recently moved from Austin area to Dallas area, into a house that is all electric; I have always used gas range. I just can't seem to get the timing right....for example, when a recipe says to bring to a boil, then, turn down to simmer....the...

Sugar Cookies without sugar????

By Kim Kelemen - Jan 16, 2013

My 5 year old daughter and I were making cut out sugar cookies for Christmas. That morning, I made the dough and put it in the fridge, thinking everything was fine. A few hours later we were ready to roll them out. We had 1 pan in the oven and...

Oh no I didn't

By Debra Bates - Dec 29, 2012

While making my pecan pies for Christmas I was very tired by then. While reading all the things needed and adding them one at a time, i was finally finished. I put the pies in the oven, set the temp and time, and went to sit down finally...

An ingredient was left out!

By Beth M. - Dec 6, 2012

I've gotten into a routine of placing the recipe and ingredients on the counter where I will mix everything. When I have added each ingredient I place the ingredient container on a counter to my left, out of the way. Then when I have finished and the thing...

Chicken Noodle Soup

By Brenda P - Nov 18, 2012

I was not feeling well. I had a respiratory infection and could not smell anything.
I decided homemade chicken noodle soup sounded like a good idea. After I started boiling the chicken, I decided to use the home canned vegetables my mother-in-law had given me, instead of chopping my...