Kitchen Mishaps & Bloopers: LOL

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We've all had them... disasters, bloopers, mishaps, mistakes in the kitchen or while cooking. Let's share our funny stories with each other... makes me feel less like a dope to realize that others have mishaps while cooking too. This is just a light hearted group to share stories to give us all a laugh.


Hello :)

By Clare Chambers
Jan 7, 2014
Hello, I am new to JaP and to this group so i just thought I'd pop-in and say "Hi". I have been having fun reading so many stories of things going wrong in the kitchen - very entertaining. I look forward to sharing many of my disasters. Like the first time I tried to make jam and miss-read the recipe - boiling the jam for 20 minutes rather than 5. We virtually had to use a hammer and chisel to get it out of the jars.

Learning Curve...

By Sandie Vandenhouten
Jul 26, 2013
My husband and I have recently moved from Austin area to Dallas area, into a house that is all electric; I have always used gas range. I just can't seem to get the timing right....for example, when a recipe says to bring to a boil, then, turn down to simmer....the burner stays hot and the pot has to be moved off of it. I have set off the smoke alarm several times, causing the security co. to call, and I have to explain that I am on a "learning curve" with my new electric range. Last weekend, the butter began smoking as I was cutting onions to saute; I quickly removed the skittet, started the fan, opened the back door but, the alarm sounded. I went to the panel and turned it off. My husband walked in from the garage with his cell phone at his ear and asked what happened. Then, I heard the sirens. My husband said, "it's a good thing we don't need them." But the sirens got louder and I saw the fire truck in front of our house! My husband went out to explain that we had cancelled. The security had called my cell phone but, I had left it in the bedroom so, didn't hear it so, they called the fire dept., then my husband's cell phone. The firemen had just received the cancellation call. SHEESH!!! SO EMBARRASSING!!!

Sugar Cookies without sugar????

By Kim Kelemen
Jan 16, 2013
My 5 year old daughter and I were making cut out sugar cookies for Christmas. That morning, I made the dough and put it in the fridge, thinking everything was fine. A few hours later we were ready to roll them out. We had 1 pan in the oven and another ready to go in and my daughter wanted to taste the dough, I said go ahead. She gets this funny look on her face and says "mommmy these are really yucky". I said what do you mean, let me taste it. To my surprise, they were terrible. And then it hit me..... I forgot to put the sugar in the dough...... Hard to have sugar cookies without any sugar..... I was stunned, of all the things to forget. So we laughed and laughed and started all over.

Oh no I didn't

By Debra Bates
Dec 29, 2012
While making my pecan pies for Christmas I was very tired by then. While reading all the things needed and adding them one at a time, i was finally finished. I put the pies in the oven, set the temp and time, and went to sit down finally for a rest. When timer went off I went to take out the pies and I thought they didn't look like they normally do. Yes I did, I left out the pecans of all things. My grand son and I had a big laugh and then he made another one the right way. A good memory cooking with my grandson.

An ingredient was left out!

By Beth M.
Dec 6, 2012
I've gotten into a routine of placing the recipe and ingredients on the counter where I will mix everything. When I have added each ingredient I place the ingredient container on a counter to my left, out of the way. Then when I have finished and the thing I am baking is popped into the oven, I know what I've used.
One day when my eight-year old grand-daughter was with me, she wanted to bake something,and I decided it would be easiest in the time we had to make a cake using a cake mix. After placing the cake pans in the oven, wouldn't you know my eyes came upon a bottle of vegetable oil still sitting on the counter with a dry measuring cup! She was giggling and we were both amazed that the cake was baked and looked and tasted like it should after all. Of course she was amused when I "fessed-up to leaving out an ingredient in the cake" when we served it to her mom and dad. Oh well, we had fun baking together in any case.