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this is the place to share what you grow in the garden. How you grow it. What you do with your harvest.
The best produce is what you grow.I have had a garden for years. So if you grow a garden this is the place for you from old pro to just starting.
Lets talk abought what we grow and how we use what we grow.


finally getting the garden in!

By Joey Wolf
16 Hours Ago
we planted the tomatoes this week, laid the soaker hose yesterday and mulched them too, now we're just waiting for bacon to go to $5/lb so we'll know the tomatoes are ripe and we can have a BLT! lol
today I am planting the pole beans, and maybe some zinnias and marigolds around the edges of the garden. i am also doing some research on companion plantings, as this space is smaller than last years.

Dutch puppy is learning to stay out of Mom's garden.....unless that dang green donut bounces into it! He's laying at my feet snoring.

My back isn't responding to PT as well as I'd like, but then again, I'm not as diligent at my exercises as I should be and I'm sure gardening is aggravating it too. I'm up early this am, as I just couldn't get comfy in bed. 20 min with the rice pack on my low back has helped considerable. Tossing in another load of laundry, putting sleepy Dutch back into his crate and going back to bed!

Have a safe, productive holiday weekend and thank all the service folk & their familys for their time and sacrifice....flying my son's USMC flag high and proud!

Please remember our men and woen on Moday.

By Bob Wakeman
Yesterday at 9:30 PM
Monday is very specisl tome. I will be giving the key note speech on Monday. et us ber all those that have given there all. GOD bless our country..

Damn VOLES!!!

By Sherry Blizzard
Friday at 8:30 AM
What do you do about voles? I haven't planted yet, but I see them all over the garden. They will completely demolish new plants overnight. How do you kill the little furry creatures?

Hurt ALL Over!!!!

By Sherry Blizzard
Friday at 8:29 AM
OMG! Back in the garden the past 3 days. It is tilled, raked, rows have been made, fertilizing and planting tonight and for the next three days. This is the first time in 10 years that we have planted before June 1. Temps here in the interior are not slated to be below 70 so it is safe to plant. It's going to be a hot, dry summer in Alaska so I am looking forward to some good squash. But right now, every muscle aches.


By Cindy Rice
Thursday at 6:33 AM
Einsteins theory:

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Here are some pictures of my garden I thought I would share

By Tammy Todd
Wednesday at 1:19 AM
I am so excited to have a garden after 17 to 20 yrs. So long ago, I can't remember. I know my children were babies. I think it is doing really well. It took me some time to dig up and put in a garden and then plant and figure out how to do things organically. I had some issues with bugs when I started. Now its growing out of control! Don't know what to do as I am running out of room. But I'm sure loving my garden! I can't help it, I'm so proud of my garden. :)

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Word of warning.

By Bob Wakeman
Tuesday at 11:04 PM
Be careful of who you buy your seeds and plants from. I went through a seed catalog and ordered some tomato plant. I was totally unhappy when they got here. They were only about 6" tall, yellow leaves, and just so disappointing. Luck was on my side. My nursery still had some tomato plants left. Great shape and ready to plant/. Never again and I told the company just this. I will never buy a thing from them again. And these plants were 3.30 a peace. Take heed watch were you buy your plants. They are never as good as the pictures...

Out in the garden yesterday.

By Bob Wakeman
Tuesday at 10:55 PM
I have so much loose leaf lettus that I did not know what to do with it. I picked 3 large trash bags full cleaned it. Now it is off to our church food pantry. Makes one feel good to help others..
So how are your gardens doing.