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this is the place to share what you grow in the garden. How you grow it. What you do with your harvest.
The best produce is what you grow.I have had a garden for years. So if you grow a garden this is the place for you from old pro to just starting.
Lets talk abought what we grow and how we use what we grow.



By kathy ryder
Thursday at 6:32 PM
Hi can someone help me with leeks. I just bought one to try as we never had them but im experience ing with some greens I dont want a soup.Im planning on having a chicken on the rotisserie and was wondering how can I prepare this green.any ideas..Thank you,

Been some tryin times.

By Bob Wakeman
Tuesday at 11:27 PM
Putor went off line for a wile. My studies have taken first with every thing. Been have some church issues to fix plus a few other things going. Glad to be on any way.

Got my frames for my raised beds done. I will have two that are 6'x3', and three that are 3'x3'. Now I have to get the boys to help me get them set in the garden where I want them. Still thinking of how I want them set in. Going to get a truck load of top soil and compost mix to put in the beds. I think this will be so much easer on me. This old back does not like to bend like it used to.

I now have 75 rods and reels ready to go along with 7 tackle boxes for kids this year so far.

I do plan on doing the contest again this year with some changes. Will post more on that later. It is a great way for me to try new and awesome recipes I would not have tried before. My prayer is that every one New Year is starting of good so far. My thoughts are with Donna and Toni at this time. I have been praying and with my prayer group.
God's Blessings to you all.


By Dorothy Curtis
Saturday, January 17 at 8:35 PM
We have Anna's hummingbirds stay around here in Oregon all winter. It amazes me that even when it is freezing out they will be here and it is about time for them to even mate and raise young. Sometimes it is a chore keeping the feeders ice free but we do it. We know for sure there are 4 because that is how many we have seen at one time---could be more.

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New e-mail

By Bob Wakeman
Friday, January 16 at 12:38 AM
Well I went and started a yahoo e-mail account today. If you need or would like my e-mail address. PM me and I will send it to you..

Starting seedlings.

By Bob Wakeman
Friday, January 16 at 12:36 AM
Do you start your own seedling or buy them?
If you start your own. What all do you start? And when do you start your seeds?

I start some of my own. Tomatoes, peppers, some times squash. And a few flowers. I wait till the middle of march to start most of mine..