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this is the place to share what you grow in the garden. How you grow it. What you do with your harvest.
The best produce is what you grow.I have had a garden for years. So if you grow a garden this is the place for you from old pro to just starting.
Lets talk abought what we grow and how we use what we grow.
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Tina ***** chefTina - 2 Hours Ago
Hi Beverly
I cannot send you private messages. It says you have disabled it. So if you read this please write to me again..
Eddie Jordan EDWARDCARL - 4 Hours Ago
Peppers and egg plant. Tomatoes soon
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Joey Wolf 8of10 - 6 Hours Ago
My friend Billy, who is one of the aisle cookers (there's got to be a better name for it than that) at the local Hy Vee told me today of a disease killing baby pigs, there is no cure at this time. He predicts record pork prices and that we...
Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - 7 Hours Ago
Here are the three recipes for every one to vote on this week. You will have till Tuesday night to send your votes to my mail box.. 1) Melanie B. Pear Salad .. 2) Katrina Freed.. Taco Salad .. 3) Noreen Dash of Love.. Avocado, Bacon Romaine salad with Vinaigrette.. Again send your vote to my mail...
Bob Wakeman Bigcatfish - 21 Hours Ago
I will post some time today the three top recipes for using lettuce some time to day. You will have extra time to vote. I will post a new ingredient next Thursday. I have 3 treatments this weekend. So I do not know how much time that I can be...
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