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this is the place to share what you grow in the garden. How you grow it. What you do with your harvest.
The best produce is what you grow.I have had a garden for years. So if you grow a garden this is the place for you from old pro to just starting.
Lets talk abought what we grow and how we use what we grow.


Giving is Caring

By Bob Wakeman
5 Hours Ago
A friend is someone who fills that space in your life you never knew was empty..

Character is what you know you are, not what others think you are,,.

Concentrate on giving, and the getting will take car of itself..

Just love this one. It is so true.
God's gift to you is your talent, and what you do with that talent is your gift to God..

I have had it.

By Bob Wakeman
18 Hours Ago
will no longer be on JAP, I will check in from time to time. But even after my next surgery. I will not be on every day. I have not said any thing bad about any one on here. But I have had enough. Have a happy Easter and A blessed life. life.


By Joey Wolf
Saturday at 10:26 AM
i have tried and tried, I just do not like this format JAP is using now. the old one was so much easier and user friendly. i miss the recipes at the top of each group. i miss looking for members in different areas. it seems i'm not alone, because this used to be a much more active did some of the others I'm in.

Prerigestur for surgery.

By Bob Wakeman
Saturday at 1:06 AM
Well the hospital called yesterday to get me registered for my surgery. They always ask a lot of questions.
One question the always ask is if you have been out of the country. I have always had an answer for them. This time I used it. When they asked, they said were. I said Washington D.C... Poor lady lost it. Said you are right. Some of them seam they are from a different country.. I just had to say that. Some times I feel like that..


By sallye bates
Thursday at 6:37 AM
I don't know why I was thinking tomorrow would be Good Friday. We have another whole week to wish Bob success in his surgery.

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Just a few updates.

By Bob Wakeman
Thursday at 12:52 AM
Fishing gear for kids is going great. I have 75 ready to go.

Not doing so great on kicking smoking. Not giving up.

I have had to take a brake from my study's for now..

Well this is the only weekend to get things done.

By Bob Wakeman
Thursday at 12:48 AM
Got my garden soil coming Saturday for my raised beds. My son, Blake will be here to get the soil in the boxes. If the weather holes out I may able to get some seeds planted before next Friday. Because I wont be lifting or bending for at least 2-3 weeks after that.
I have had the boxes covered for the last 3 weeks now to keep the rain out. The weather has been so up and down for the last 3 weeks.

By the way. Dorothy. the seeds from the garlic plants did sprout. I planted them in one of Kathy's flower pots. She was not to happy about that either. Had to go out and by her some new ones.. Now she is happy again. All is safe for now..


By Eddie Jordan
Wednesday at 10:12 AM
I wanted to send you this prayer. Hope you like it!

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