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Loads of recipes soon from my recipe column of 45 years ago. Called Kitchen Chatter- it was in the Saginaw Township News- a small community - wrote for them for 17 years, and 3 cookbooks came from that column. Hope to see you here. Pat Duran/KC (Kitchen Chatter) Las Vegas, NV. 73 years old and retired, teacher and food columnist.

my best peanut butter treats

Valentine snack

super bowl dip

Super bowl

By Pat Duran
Jan 31, 2016
A sad day here in Las Vegas as COX and KLAS TV clash on how much COX will charge for carring the station...and the dead line was Jan. 29..the sattion was the carrier of all the most popular shows and the Super Cox pulled all their millions in advertising on Super Bowl Sunday from the station and is no longer available...what a mess...people are clammering to find new cariers and will be trying Dish and other ways to nix COX altogether....the Casinos will be overflowing with those who want to watch and bet on the games....for us we are going to the neighbors big screen TV - and having a party..bring some great wings and other goodies....

chocolate cake day

great recipes for Super Bowl

Well look who is here

By Pat Duran
Jan 16, 2016
Welcome Robyn,
just look at these recipes for Super Bowl Party;
Super Bowl Party Playbook Dip

see more below

Welcome to Kat

By Pat Duran
Jan 5, 2016
Kat , I am glad you joined me here - hope you like this group of friends and all the add a recipe take a recipe or give a pinch to those you like for your recipe box...hugs♥

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