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A place for old friends.And new friends to meet. share ricipes. stories. And friends. What a place this will be.
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Dorothy Curtis CanbyDorothy - Tuesday at 12:24 PM
Remember when we all left the old M.B. because of changes we didn't like and couldn't handle anymore? I am wondering if JAP has hired all those tech's from the old M.B. to run this site now. I will admit I am at that age where I do not like...
Kathy Sills tootiefruity - Apr 7, 2014
If any of you has children or grand kids PLEASE check out mine and my sister's children's book we wrote. The name is Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventure, found on amazon! Just type in Kathy and Karen Sills that will take you to our book! It has wonderful illustrations to go...
Toni T Toni6921 - Mar 12, 2014
Some of you know that my sister, Ethel, was gravely ill and had been on a breathing tube since she was admitted to the hospital over the weekend. They removed her breathing tube on Monday, and she died peacefully about an hour ago. Thank you all so much for your...
Ginny Chisaakay Casserroo - Feb 11, 2014
Hi, its me Ginny/Casserroo. How are you all doing? I hope you all are fine. As for me, I am surviving and slowly finding my way back into life and stuff. I am inquiring about an old recipe/remedy for burns which was posted on the old website. I burn myself...
susan simons imbossmare - Dec 9, 2013
For year I used cast iron and then about 10 years ago when I joined weight watchers I got rid of them..Over the last few years I realized that was a big mistake and I have been talking about getting one since my son came back home in May. Today...
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