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I have always loved all berry recipes, but cranberries are my favorite. The "Kitchen Crew" has named me the Cranberry Queen now !!! haha The first Ocean Spray building started in my home town of Hanson, MA.
This group is for all berry recipes as we can interchange them in any recipe.
Berries are so healthy for you as well. Believe it or not I can pick blueberries right in my home town as well.
Berries are a great anti-oxidant as we are all learning. So lets get baking some of the many recipes here to choose from and can make during the Holidays. I grew up in New England. Please add any recipes for main meals, desserts, drinks, sauces, puddings, appetizers.



By Carol Junkins - Wednesday, September 10 at 9:41 PM

This bird stayed at the bird bath for about 15 minutes, never moved ~ I think it's a cardinal?

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Wow !!! what else can you say ?

By Carol Junkins - Sep 8, 2014

Guess I know what we will be having for dinner tonight ! Given to us by a friend that is a fisherman ! Nice guy !

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Wow summer is back here

By Carol Junkins - Sep 3, 2014

Spent a nice day at the beach yesterday just a handful of people there, nice ! Used my A/C today and the rest of the week is suppose to be just as warm, nice !!! Hope everyone got there children back to school safely and that they enjoyed their day...


Good Morning all ~

By Carol Junkins - Aug 24, 2014

Beautiful day on Cape Cod today, nights are very cool, but bright sunshine during the day and the beaches are getting empty, as the kids are going back to school soon. I love the Fall and Spring weather. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day !!!!


A Berry puzzeling question...

By Kimberly Richards - Aug 5, 2014

OK, I have blackberries in abundance this year; I have already made a mixed berry tart and have a whole new batch of blackberries to use. I am thinking of a blackberry Cheese Cake for this weekends company but am puzzled as to if I should use the berries whole...