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I have always loved all berry recipes, but cranberries are my favorite. The "Kitchen Crew" has named me the Cranberry Queen now !!! haha The first Ocean Spray building started in my home town of Hanson, MA.
This group is for all berry recipes as we can interchange them in any recipe.
Berries are so healthy for you as well. Believe it or not I can pick blueberries right in my home town as well.
Berries are a great anti-oxidant as we are all learning. So lets get baking some of the many recipes here to choose from and can make during the Holidays. I grew up in New England. Please add any recipes for main meals, desserts, drinks, sauces, puddings, appetizers.

Had a wonderful day yesterday !

By Carol Junkins
18 Hours Ago
It's all about family ! Just enjoyed being with them, I thank God for them !

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Happy Thanksgiving to all ~ hope everyone had a great day !

By Carol Junkins
Yesterday at 9:31 PM
We had a wonderful day ! Only thing was the turkey was awful ! oh dear, first time that every happened ! But family and all the veggies and goodies were perfect !

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Try these cupcakes. I bet you will be making them all the time!!!

Cranberry Cake

By Linda Mericle
Monday at 9:00 AM
Without going through all the pages, I assume that Cassie's Cranberry Celebration cake is in here somewhere. I added some white streusel with almonds to the top, oh and chopped up some fresh cranberries to add to the canned. I sold it by the slice at our church bake sale and had people coming back for the recipe! Its one of my new favorites and we will be having it sometime during the holiday weekend for sure. (Thats the only way I can be sure to get a slice of my own!) ~ Cranberry Celebration Cake ~ Cassie

Made Cranberry Orange Meltaways ( Caryn Crowston)

By Carol Junkins
Sunday at 4:46 PM
Now I am cooking my Barbecue chicken !! Smell sooo good !!!!!!! Barbecued Chicken on the stovetop


By Eddie Jordan
Saturday at 8:06 AM
I didn't know there where so many cranberry recipes. I was just like a kid in a candy store, trying to figure out which one I wanted to make first. Thank you for this group.

Well this is cranberry season for sure !

By Carol Junkins
Friday, November 20 at 5:25 PM
So many recipes I have collected now ~ looking forward to making some new ones now !
thank you everyone for adding so many to this site !!! Wish I could try them all, guess thats not possible though !!!

recipes for cranberries

By Diane C.
Wednesday, November 18 at 4:53 PM
Food Network has a list of 50 recipes for cranberries.