Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving

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If you love turkey as much as I do,share your recipes.Turkey in any form.


Turkey Leftovers

By L D - Nov 19, 2011

A little premature,but what do you do with your Thanksgiving turkey leftovers?
I make turkey gumbo or turkey pie.

5 Easy Steps to a Perfectly Carved Turkey

By M G - Jul 31, 2011

1. Remove the drumstick and thigh by pulling leg away from body and cutting through joint with knife-point. Cut dark meat completely from body by following body contour while slicing with knife.
2. Slice dark meat from drumstick and thigh on separate plate. Cut through connecting joint between drumstick and thigh. Remove meat from drumstick by slicing at an angle.
3. Slice thigh by holding firmly on plate with fork and cutting even slices parallel to the bone.
4. Cut into breast,making horizontal cut just above wing and cutting all the way to the bone.
5. Carve breast by slicing downward to horizontal cut. Start each new slice slightly higher up on breast; keep slices thin and even.


By M G - Jul 31, 2011

Welcome Dee and Judy! Glad to have you in the group,I look forward to sharing recipes with you!
Dee,those wings sound tasty!!


By M G - Jul 27, 2011

Welcome,Tara !I'm looking forward to your turkey recipes and sharing with you !


By NIKKI SMITH - Jul 27, 2011

I am a turkey fan....going to the store to get ground turkey, smoke turkey, and turkey bacon.. Love it... I want some turkey ala king over toast... Been having that craving all week...LOL:) Thanks for the group dear...♥