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Java, Cappuccino, expresso. It all starts with coffee. So grab a cup, pull up a chair, and share a recipe, a story, or just browse the group looking for something different.


Ahh, I start to smell the aroma of coffee freshly brewed
Made by my older brother - - a real "java" lovin' cool dude.

Next I am inching my way slowly down the front hall staircase
Suddenly I can hear clearly the kitchen is a busy place.

The sound of one cup being filled to the absolute brim
I pray that is the cup my brother designated for him.

But the pouring continues: 2, 3, and now cup number 4 ~
Starting to panic I pick up speed sliding on the wood floor.

Doing math in my head I know the pot holds cups 5 and 6
Which gives me faith that soon I will be sipping my caffeine "fix"

Finally I'm in the kitchen attempting to try and stand ~
I see my loving mom with the last 2 cups in both her hands.

As she walks toward me I offer her a weak caffeine-less "Hi"
My mom gives me a quick peck on my cheek and passes right by

Telling my dad she's bringing coffee to her best friend next door
Reminding him we're all out of it, so stop later at the store !!
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Stormy Stewart karlyn255 - May 31, 2014
by MY NOTES: To give as gifts with your breakfast basket or a coffee basket use either ½ pint jelly jars or 4 ox ¼ pint jars. These recipes will create about 1 qt = 2 pint = 4 jelly=8 (4oz) jars Start With This Base: 14oz Sweetened Condensed...
billy haze billyhaze - May 11, 2013
Glad to be a part of a coffee lovers group!!. Here is my contribution to the wonderful recipes posted! Brunch Punch
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