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My favorite meal of the day is BREAKFAST. Whenever I want to have some time with friends, I never say, hey let's have lunch. I say, let's have BREAKFAST. There are some awesome BREAKFAST recipes on this site, so let's get them all in one place. What's for BREAKFAST?
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I've entered my Chicken Breast with a Spicy Orange Glaze. A delicious mix of sweet, spicy heat. Please drop by and vote. I would appreciate the support so much ! Thank you ! :)
Hey Everyone,
I have entered my Eggnog French Toast recipe in the Recipe For Love contest, here on JAP. I would appreciate any and all votes. Thanks so much for your support.
Melanie B MelBelle - Mar 11, 2013
I made breakfast burritos for my son. I used some of his favorite things. Of course you scramble up some eggs, grate some cheese, add any mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc that you like. I added ham, but you can add any cooked breakfast meat you like or leave them...
Ashley Burnam MissAshley - Oct 30, 2012
I have a HUGE aversion to eggs now that I'm pregnant and I am so sad about it! I love everything with eggs... scrambled with cheese, over easy and sopped up wioth bread and bacon, fried on a sandwich, WHATEVER. Now... If I even think about eggs(or the smell of...
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