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I am here to share my ideas and recipes. I love to cook and bake. Everyone is welcome and their recipes too!!
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I am planning a party for next month and came across this website with a list of some pretty amazing dips. I thought I would share with the group and see what you all thought:
So I decided to be brave and try Kraft's Take Fresh cheese and bread crumb mix. First, I tried the cheddar jack and bacon with chicken. It was a hit! The family loved it. I was afraid the coating would be soggy but it was nice and crispy. Tonight I...
Gail New gailiepoo - Aug 5, 2012
Well the answer to that question is yes and no,, On the Yes side you have the OPTION to purchase the selling kit and sell the shakes to yuor friends and family... Personally I don't have the time or interest to do thisss. It is just a opetion that Body...
This weeks feature recipe is Kimberly's Memere's Lasagna This recipe is a little time consuming but it is so worth it. Put together very nicely and great comfort food. Great recipe Kimberly!!

Gail New gailiepoo - Jul 31, 2012
I would like to invite all new subscribers to join me on the Body by Vi 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge. You drink 2 delicous Shakes a day, Drink lots of water, Exercise at least 30 minutes a day and the weight falls off,, Then you have a sensiable dinner....
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