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The variety of recipes being included come from many cultures, not just Portuguese and American, so I have made a change in the group name to reflect these. There are many countries represented here. I welcome all to share their family favorites and any background information to go with the recipes. Join us!

Beth M.
Nov 4, 2016

I love apple dumplings!

This morning I am thinking how delicious that recipe for apple dumplings was that I pinched and shared with this group! I need to go shopping today and then I can bake. What a perfect recipe it is! THE ULTIMATE APPLE DUMPLING

Beth M.
Sep 17, 2016

September: now I look forward to soups and stew and baking again!

We have had the driest Summer, and we really need some rain here in Southern Massachusetts. Hopefully, we'll have a nice steady shower on Monday and not torrential rain. The mornings are cooler, with low in the fifties and it was sunny and warmer by noontime with a gentle breeze today. Awe, the most beautiful month I think! It has me thinking I should do some baking soon, as I haven't done much during the Summer. We have enjoyed a good old-fashioned beef stew recently on a cool day. I am craving something delicious with apples, and something with pumpkin, and anything with cranberries!

Beth M.
Aug 20, 2016

August has been the busiest month!

There have been lots of tourists here and the number of cars, trucks, busses and bikes are overwhelming on the narrow roads. This week there have been annual events which attract a lot of people, the annual Agricultural Fair for four days, the fireworks, and the illumination night at the tabernacle. The president and first lady and daughters were vacationing here for the past two weeks also. All the college students will be returning to their studies in the next week, so there will be a change as families depart after their vacations. We will begin to enjoy a slower pace and cooler temperatures also, and the wonderful month of September!

Beth M.
Aug 3, 2016

It's a less humid today and feels comfortable in the house without air conditioning!

The last two weeks were so humid and hot, that when the temperature is 78 degrees inside and 81 degrees outside, we're quite comfortable! The shade trees help a great deal. There's a gentle breeze which helps a lot too. I like it when it's in the seventies.

This morning my husband and I "went to town, about a twenty-five minute drive from home" to get his hair cut and to do several errands. He's recovering very well, from surgery which was two weeks ago. I am glad he is eating well and adding things back to his diet.

Beth M.
Jul 27, 2016

What would you prepare for someone who is on a restricted diet after gall bladder surgery?

I hope Just A Pinch friends are having a good Summer. I've been at home for the past ten days, not working, as my husband has been sick and recovering from gall bladder surgery. He's on the mend, and I am so thankful for the good medical care he received. Finding food that he can eat and wants to eat is a challenge, as "no red meat and no raw veggies or raw fruit is suggested", and for the first two or three months he should follow a "low fat diet". Have you any experience with this? I would love to hear from you.

Beth M.
Jun 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

What's your preference for breakfast this morning? My husband likes home-fries (potatoes), bacon and toast. We often start our day with a couple of homemade muffins made with walnuts, granny smith apple, Post raisin and bran flakes. They're not like cupcakes, they have some wonderful texture and are filling. I bake them every few days. One of my favorite breakfasts is the recipe found here on Just A Pinch called Blueberry French Toast. And my family loved Sour Cream Coffee Cake, my recipe is attached here.
I hope you and your family have a special treat today, and that you'll enjoy this day. Sour Cream Coffee Cake -My Favorite!

Beth M.
Jun 12, 2016

Today, Sunday, is a beautiful day here and it's the day of the regional high school graduation also.

The weather is warm but windy, and the colors of the beach grass and the ocean are brilliant. I spent a little time near the beach and I saw people already enjoying the beach even though it was windy. The dunes are covered with grass and beach roses, and I snapped a few pictures.

When I came home I had the television on and of course I saw and heard the tragic news about the Orlando, Florida night club deaths. Lord, we need your help more than ever. Praying for all family and friends of those involved, as well as residents and law enforcement and medical people doing their work. Now we are listening to music, as the constant coverage on television is so depressing.

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Beth M.
Jun 3, 2016

Memorial Day was a rainy windy day here, so the parade was cancelled and the local service was moved indoors.

We had good weather on that Saturday and Sunday before Memorial Day, and we enjoyed being outdoors with friends on each day. I had an invitation to a brunch on Sunday, at the Summer home of friends, who I enjoyed doing things with when I was a teenager. We went to the beach together, played board games on rainy days, walked into town together, and there were five sisters all from the same town I was from before I moved here year-round. Their mother was my girl scout leader! I enjoyed seeing these dear friends, as well as their spouses and grown children and grandchildren. It's so nice to get together with special people who I don't often have a chance to see together. At this stage in my life, I am so appreciative of those friendships; we are all in our late sixties and seventies! We have just this week learned of the deaths of two friends, who we've only known in the last five or ten years, and it has made us feel very sad. Friends and family are so dear, we need to enjoy them as much as we are able. I thank God for those people who served our country and died for us. Now I thank God also for my friends and family, including those here on Just A Pinch.