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Bringing the old ways back while providing everything needed to make Magick in the kitchen and the world around you.
A place for natural recipes for home products as well as recipes for feeding your family as the garden and the wild herbs grow.

Light the fire beneath the pot,
13 moons in the lot.
Four days high, four days not,
Solstice and the Equinox.
Gather 'round for the feast,
North, South, West and East.
Bless the children and the beasts,
Gather Crones, Witches and Priests.
Cleanse the tools and the day,
Honor the moon and the day,
Sing and dance, laugh and play.
Honor the moon to which we pray,
Celebrate the Wiccan way.

*Written by 'Belladonna' in
'The Wiccaning,' by Sister Moon.
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Stormy Stewart karlyn255 - Apr 7, 2014
Save your knitting scraps, pieces of string and dryer lint and put it into a suet feeder. The birds will use it to build nests and your reward will be brightly colored nests in your trees
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Stormy Stewart karlyn255 - Mar 27, 2014
He is my favorite spiritual writer and speaker. here is one he did on the Essene mirrors and why your life is like it is and what to do to change it.
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