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Welcome to Angels!

A group for people who have experienced loss of ANY kind. I believe in the power of people listening to each other. I believe in the importance of people supporting each other as they take each step on their individual journey through grief. I believe in each of us finding our own path. Sharing experiences which may shed light upon our own.

What can this group do? Provide a safe environment where we can say what we feel without worry of repercussions. A community of kindred spirits. A place to cry without apologizing. A place to laugh because we need to. A place to be angry or sad without recriminations. Let us say what we need to say. Not judge us for what it is that we do say.

Why did I start this group? Because I have lost a child, and as I get to know more people on, I have found that there are many who have had similar losses.

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. You may associate grief with the death of a loved one, and this type of loss does often cause the most intense grief. However, any loss can cause grief: loss of a child or parent, a miscarriage, a loved one’s serious illness, a relationship breakup, loss of a friendship, and death of a pet.

There is no one who can understand your situation better than someone who is going through or has already gone through it. There is only so much one person can cope with alone, and if this is going to be a long journey, then it is nice to have some company on the road! This is YOUR group. Remember that no pain is too small. Talk about anything you wish. There are no restrictions here. God bless!


Invitation to my new Group.. The Information Hub

By Linda Kauppinen - Mar 13, 2014

For anyone that is interested in getting information on GMOs, Gluten, Steroidal Hormones in our food please feel free to join my new group The Information Hub. All I ask is that you read the description and agree with the rules stated

Have a Blessed Sabbath, Everyone!

By Bonnie D. - Nov 24, 2013

God bless you all!

Created to Love

By Kimi Gaines - Nov 24, 2013

Created to Love

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By Charles F. Stanley

Have you ever wondered if your life has a purpose? The Word of God says it does—one that is both noble and desirable: Every believer was created by God to love and be loved.

God loves you personally and individually, without limit or...

A Marriage That Lasted 72 years

By Kimi Gaines - Nov 3, 2013


“I want to share a story about my mother and father, who were very much in love, into their nineties, and who celebrated seventy two years of marriage.

Mother married dad on the night she graduated from high school. But, it was HOW THEY...
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Prayers are needed

By Jean Romero - Nov 2, 2013

While in Aberdeen WA. I was called at 8am by my uncle Steve, my father's youngest brother, who told me that his older brother Harlow had just passed away. This wasn't expected. my aunt Brenda said that she was awakened by the dogs barking and uncle wasn't in bed so...