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Welcome to Angels!

A group for people who have experienced loss of ANY kind. I believe in the power of people listening to each other. I believe in the importance of people supporting each other as they take each step on their individual journey through grief. I believe in each of us finding our own path. Sharing experiences which may shed light upon our own.

What can this group do? Provide a safe environment where we can say what we feel without worry of repercussions. A community of kindred spirits. A place to cry without apologizing. A place to laugh because we need to. A place to be angry or sad without recriminations. Let us say what we need to say. Not judge us for what it is that we do say.

Why did I start this group? Because I have lost a child, and as I get to know more people on, I have found that there are many who have had similar losses.

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. You may associate grief with the death of a loved one, and this type of loss does often cause the most intense grief. However, any loss can cause grief: loss of a child or parent, a miscarriage, a loved one’s serious illness, a relationship breakup, loss of a friendship, and death of a pet.

There is no one who can understand your situation better than someone who is going through or has already gone through it. There is only so much one person can cope with alone, and if this is going to be a long journey, then it is nice to have some company on the road! This is YOUR group. Remember that no pain is too small. Talk about anything you wish. There are no restrictions here. God bless!


Invitation to my new Group.. The Information Hub

By Linda Kauppinen - Mar 13, 2014

For anyone that is interested in getting information on GMOs, Gluten, Steroidal Hormones in our food please feel free to join my new group The Information Hub. All I ask is that you read the description and agree with the rules stated

Have a Blessed Sabbath, Everyone!

By Bonnie D. - Nov 24, 2013

God bless you all!

Created to Love

By Kimi Gaines - Nov 24, 2013

Created to Love

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By Charles F. Stanley

Have you ever wondered if your life has a purpose? The Word of God says it does—one that is both noble and desirable: Every believer was created by God to love and be loved.

God loves you personally and individually, without limit or qualification. He desires to shower you with His affection and kindness. Let me assure you of several things:

God's love is the most important thing we can know about Him.

The very essence of God's being—in other words, His personality and nature—is love (1 John 4:8). It is the reason Jesus came to earth, lived a victorious life, and then died to restore man's relationship with the Father (John 3:16). The most important decision we can ever make is to receive this gift of God.

The Lord's affection is absolute, unwavering, and sacrificial. Moreover, God's love is not subject to favoritism. He cares for the sinner as much as He does for the saint. In our human pride or our desire to be "somebody special," we may find that fact difficult to swallow. But God grants love to each person.

The Bible tells us that the rain falls on the just and the unjust, and the sun shines on the righteous and the wicked (Matt. 5:45). This means that with or without faith in God, everyone experiences certain benefits and blessings from Him. But the person who receives Jesus as Savior is in a position to reap the blessings that accompany an outpouring of love into his or her life.

The Lord's love is not based upon what we do, what we have, or what we achieve. He freely gives it to us simply because we are His creation. You cannot win or earn more of God's favor—it has nothing to do with performance. Accept and delight in that truth.

The most important response we can make is to reciprocate God's love.

John said it simply and eloquently: "We love Him because He first loved us" (1 John 4:19, NKJV). And Jesus said the first and foremost commandment was this: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind" (Matt. 22:37). The only acceptable response to God's great outpouring of love toward you is to love Him back.

We can choose to rebel. And while this doesn't affect God’s nature, it will change us. Those who refuse to acknowledge and receive divine love cut themselves off from great blessing. Not only that, but such individuals typically yield to anger, hatred, and bitterness. To harden one’s heart toward God is the supreme act of rebellion—in doing so, a person hurts himself far more than he hurts others. Humbly receiving God, on the other hand, brings good into one's life.

Satan constantly tries to convince us that if we follow Jesus, we will have to give up personal freedom, identity, and pleasure. But those who live apart from God's love inevitably discover their rebellion did not make them any freer. They may not go to jail, but they end up in emotional or psychological prisons—caught in addiction or trapped by feelings of resentment. The longer they live separated from the Lord's love and mercy, the less pleasure they find in life. In that situation, it is easy to become cynical, jaded, critical, and in the end, apathetic to nearly everything.

But those who embrace and reciprocate God's love enjoy inner freedom they never imagined. They develop as individuals, discovering hidden talents and abilities. They experience true delight in God's creation and know the joy of perpetual discovery.

When we choose to love and obey God, we can be sure He will guide us toward doing what will bring about the greatest fulfillment in life.

God's love is our ultimate reason to hope.

If we know with certainty that God loves us and desires good for our lives, what is there to fear? Hope in Christ is for everyone. It compels us not to remain in a state of dread, doubt, or worry but to seek transformation by the Holy Spirit's power. Trust encourages us to anticipate God's best and look for the dawning of a new day.

Our heavenly Father is generous—even extravagant—in His love. Open your heart and let the Lord shower more of His good gifts upon you. You won't regret yielding your life to Him.

Adapted from "Discover Your Destiny" (1997

A Marriage That Lasted 72 years

By Kimi Gaines - Nov 3, 2013


“I want to share a story about my mother and father, who were very much in love, into their nineties, and who celebrated seventy two years of marriage.

Mother married dad on the night she graduated from high school. But, it was HOW THEY LEFT this world that captured WORLD-WIDE ATTENTION in all the newspapers.

My brother Dennis and I always knew that our parents, Gordon and Norma Yeager, had a pretty unusual marriage. Other than a rare fishing trip, they DIDN’T LIKE BEING APART.

As they got up there in age, I began to worry what life would be like, if one survived, and the other didn’t. I told Dennis, ‘I don’t think they could get along without each other.’

Meanwhile Dad, who was 94—three years older than Mom—would say, ‘I have to stick around. I CAN’T GO UNTIL SHE DOES; I have to stay here for her, and SHE’D DO THE SAME.’

They went out for breakfast almost every day. One morning Dad pulled out at an intersection and apparently didn’t see an oncoming car. There was a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Mom and Dad were rushed to the hospital in the same ambulance, clinging to life.

It was touch and go for several hours. First we thought Dad might survive, then Mom. And when nurses heard that Dad’s blood pressure was falling rapidly, they rolled Mom’s bed into his intensive care unit, PLACING THE BEDS, SIDE BY SIDE. I looked over, and saw that THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS. He was still hooked up to the HEART MONITOR. She was not.

At 3:38 p.m., I choked back tears as I watched Dad slip away. Even when you think you are prepared, you’re never ready for the loss of a parent.

As family stood at the end of their beds, we saw something strange. ‘Dad is no longer breathing … so WHY IS HIS HEART MONITOR STILL BEEPING?’ we simultaneously asked the nurse.

She looked at us quizzically, then, pointed to Mom and Dad … STILL HOLDING HANDS.

‘HER HEART IS BEATING THROUGH HIM,’ she said, “It’s being picked up on his heart monitor.”

It was astonishing. Just astonishing!

Then, at 4:38 p.m., exactly one hour later, my dear mother caught up with Dad on the way to Heaven. The nurse said, ‘He’s such a gentleman. HE’S STANDING THERE HOLDING THE DOOR FOR HER.’

The crowning image for my brother and myself was seeing our two parents at the funeral. They were sharing the same casket. HOLDING HANDS.

Thanks for letting me share this story with you. I hope it will bring blessings to any who read it.”

Donna Yeager Sheets


If YOU are not teared-up, like I am, I’m surprised.

Didn’t Gordon and Norma have exactly the kind of marriage God intended for us? A total commitment to each other, with Him in the middle, right to the end.

And ... to the beginning ... of their new life in eternity.

Wishes and winks

Btw: This story is Chapter 52 in GODWINK STORIES: A Devotional.

Prayers are needed

By Jean Romero - Nov 2, 2013

While in Aberdeen WA. I was called at 8am by my uncle Steve, my father's youngest brother, who told me that his older brother Harlow had just passed away. This wasn't expected. my aunt Brenda said that she was awakened by the dogs barking and uncle wasn't in bed so she went to look for him, and found him face down on the kitchen floor. Still don't know cause of death yet. Then later that same day our grandson was playing varsity football in CDA was tackled and had gotten a neck injury, will post later when I find out the out come on him, this was all on halloween. so need your prayers please.