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Jennifer Smith
Dec 4, 2016


Please post recipes for how to make chicken gravy, brown gravy and turkey gravy.

Mine is too runny and not very tasty.

Thank you.

elizabeth duckworth
Jan 19, 2016

Definition of a new word.

In a lot of the online websites I have been hearing the term "Cracked Out', "Cracked Up" or even "Really Cracked" I think it's a younger generation that is using it. Does anyone know what it means? I've noticed that it really does not pertain to any one food group......I'm lost.

Jennifer Smith
Nov 11, 2015

Turkey gravy

Please -- a fail proof recipe would be greatly appreciated.

Diane Babb
Nov 9, 2015

Question about modifying a carrot cake recipe

I have a carrot cake recipe the whole family loves but I would like to try something a little different. I have a charred pineapple bourbon sauce that suggests pouring a 1/2 cup into the mix. I'm thinking if I do add it that I should reduce the oil by a 1/2 cup. Do you agree?

lisa mickey
Jun 18, 2012

how long are eggs good for ?

I have hens so eggs are always coming in the back door :-)
I was wondering tho, how long is an egg good ?
When I use them I crack it open, if the yolk runs I toss it.
but if it stays round , I consider it good.

any help would be great .

Fredia Dillard
Dec 27, 2011

No cook, but I'd like to learn

My Mother was a excellent cook, but she refused to teach me. I'd love to learn the basics hands-on if possible. Most cooking schools or classes cook food my husband and I would never eat. I have a few dishes that are my specialities, but I want to do more. Suggestions?

Bonnie Glazier
Dec 27, 2011

To freeze Or Not to freeze

I am wondering if I can freeze freshly shredded Parmesan cheese? It isn't something I use frequently, but would love to be able to have it on hand. Thank you ahead of time :)

peggy mathis
Dec 23, 2011

In A Pickle

This is my constant state! My question...a neighbor of mine made a cake using Krusteaz canberry orange muffin mix with another cake mix (such as Duncan Hines). She mixed both muffin mix and cake mix together. Said it made a very tasty cake and very large as well. When I asked her what flavor cake she used, she said pick a flavor. It does not matter. I have a yellow cake mix on hand along with a strawberry one. I would like to try the strawberry because of the orange and cranberries. What do you think? And have you ever heard of mixing a cake mix and muffin mix together? If I must, I will run to the store and pick up something else. This time of year is a rat race as you know. If I can get by with what I have, I would be soooo...happy. I am open to suggestions. Please HELP! Thank you ladies ;)