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This is a group that is dedicated to exchanges for pet recipes and stories.

I've seen a couple of dog treat recipes on this site, so I'm hoping that folks can put them in one spot through this group to make finding the recipes easier!

And, of course, the group discussions would not be complete without people sharing stories about their furry or feathered friends!


My Bonnie

By diane Casteel - Jul 3, 2014

I took my cat, Bonnie, to the vet today. She hasn't been eating right and has gained weight. Turns out she got a triple whammy. She has diabetes, her liver enzymes are out of whack and she's got fluid in her abdomen. She'll start prescription food tonight as well as...



By diane Casteel - Mar 21, 2014

I lost my beloved cat, Cobby, today. I had to put him to sleep. He had cancer. He was a very gentle, loving, stray that I adopted several years ago. When I adopted him, I had him tested for AIDS/FELV. He tested positive for AIDS, but had no symptoms of...



By Melissa Anderson - Mar 10, 2014

I need prays for mine dog Stella. She has crystal in her urine. We went to Vet twice now Frank is calling Vet. We got her she was under weight from a breeder. We got her flix too soon?? She like mine little girl it break mine heart if we...


For the Dog Lovers in the group...

By Sharon Colyer - Jan 27, 2014

For the Dog Lovers in the group... Posted 2:32 PM on Mon, Jan 27, 2014 pistachyoo Kim Biegacki pistachyoo (This was on a non-animal group page--brought over so the members of this group could check this out.) Common Kitchen Herbs that Are Good for Dogs Chances are, your spice rack...


Hi, I'm new to JAP

By Jane Asher - Jan 26, 2014

And I'm such a pet person! We have 4 kitties and 2 dogs, a coonhoind and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They keep us busy!

Nice to see a pet group!

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