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Bonnie ^O^
17 Hours Ago

Good Morning! Happy Weekend!

We are getting ready to head out to the Boulevard furniture store, which is like a big mall. We also have free birthday coupons for burgers at their Diner. They have really good food there and super burgers! We are checking
on Bill's chair that is supposed to be in next week. We ordered it back in February, and they said
it would be delivered the first week in April. His chair is about to fall apart, so hope it lasts another
week. LOL!

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Bonnie ^O^
17 Hours Ago


Some people just wish they had my ears.

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Bonnie ^O^
17 Hours Ago


Are you a good cook? Test your cooking knowledge!

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Joey Wolf
Yesterday at 2:32 PM

looking for suggestions......

bought some frozen beef and bean burritos.....and they certainly used the term ''beef'' loosely; they are 1 step up from cardboard. looking for suggestions to doctor them and make them tastier. wondering how they'd be drizzled with enchilada sauce and cheese, then baked. any ideas?

Bonnie ^O^
Friday at 2:26 PM

For The Man Who Has Everything.....

Give him an "off-the-grid" gift...A Survival Accessory
Note: If bracelets aren't "his thing", he can always hang from his belt or backpack.

Off-Grid Gear - Survival Paracord Bracelet with Updated Waterproof Compass, Knife/Scraper tool, Flint & Bottle Opener - Super Strong Paracord - 4 Color Choices

SUPER STRONG: 12 feet of 550 pound test Paracord rope

LIFE SAVING: Multifuntional with Waterproof Compass, Fire Starter, Knife, Whistle, Bottle Opener

Clip it to your Go-Bag, Molle Gear, 4 colors (full length 10 inches) (great demonstration video)

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