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Bonnie ^O^
Sunday at 11:11 AM


We are pleased that you all decided to join us on TNT, Carol, Linda, and Amanda.
We want you to know that......

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Andy Anderson !
18 Hours Ago

Everyone needs this product...

You brew your coffee while you are taking your shower... OH YEAH!!!

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Andy Anderson !
Sunday at 9:24 AM

Misty Winter Forest

With all this icy weather, I've had time to make a few brush strokes.

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Bonnie ^O^
Saturday at 8:29 AM

Happy Saturday, All!

Costco has a sale on steel storage racks. They have wheels so you can move them around and the wheels lock in place. These racks are wonderful inventions! He is going to go pick up four of them, and yesterday we started reorganizing our RV garage, loft, and his work area. This should be a huge help.
We finished the smaller garage. Gosh, now we can actually find something!

Hope your Saturday is a good one!


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Bonnie ^O^
Saturday at 8:16 AM


Albert, you sneaked one in on me. A little bird told me you had a birthday.
Sure hope it was an awesome one. Let there always be cake!

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