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By Bonnie D.
Monday at 3:22 PM
I will start it off....I have been here since 2010, and I love so many things about this wonderful Justapinch website. First of all, I love the way that it looks, very homey, and the colors are pleasing to the eye. I love that they allow us to host our very own groups free on their website, and encourage us to be creative, which is a good thing. We are all so different, with varied tastes and opinions,that you can surely find a lot of groups on JAP that are to your liking.

I enjoy that it is an open forum, and that we can keep up with each other on the different groups. Over time, many of us have become just like family, adding more friends as the years go by. Many of us have met some of the members in person, and the experience was one that we have all said that we would repeat, again and again.

So fellowship is a very important factor on this website. Without it, it would be just like any other cooking site, and we are not like the other cooking sites. Sure we love recipes, and we all love to eat, but we also love to chat and interact with each other, and that is what is missing on other cooking sites. Here, we are simply friends. We laugh and cry together, give each other lots of free advice, hugs and love, and then we cook.

And, boy, can our members cook! On JAP, you can have your very own recipe box. There is no need to look elsewhere for a recipe, because you can find an awesome recipe for just about anything that you could possibly want on the Justapinch website, and it is right there at your fingertips! I think we are pretty lucky, don't you?

Fishy question...

By Cindy Rice
12 Hours Ago
Lol..okay..I got good deals on 3 types of fish..
I got some swordfish steaks, some salmon steaks, and some " sushi" grade tuna steaks..
I have never cooked any of the above..
Least not that I can
I've had charbroiled swordfish "TWICE" in my life..
My he first was at the shanty looking shack type seafood restaurant in charleston, sc( or a nearby city) .. It was absolutely fabulous, melt in your mouth, moist , deliscious , ....
The second time I had it was at red lobster in charleston sc was dryed out and not so wonderful..
Sooooo...what do I put on these and how do I make them great..?? And I'd like to throw them on the charcoal grill..
HELP..!!!! supper is drawing near and I need a plan..I'm gonna have to run to store and get potatoes..( I forgot them)


Rhubarb Orange Marmalade and Halibut? or Sockeye?

By Sherry Blizzard
17 Hours Ago
I am making room on the shelves for more canning of veggies. I have 5- 1/2 pint jars of Rhubarb Orange Marmalade that I canned 2 years ago. I hate the stuff. It is just too sweet and candy-like to eat on toast or biscuits. What to do with it? I was thinking about baking a halibut and heating that jam up on the stove (add some water to make a lot thinner) and serve that halibut with the thinned sauce over rice. Will it work? Any ideas are welcome. Would it go better on a grilled sockeye? I'm not a huge fan of sweets otherwise I would heat it up and put it over vanilla ice cream.

Fireworks and You

By Maggie :)
17 Hours Ago
With America's big day coming up shortly, I was wondering what you do regarding fireworks.



By Bonnie D.
18 Hours Ago

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By Bonnie D.
18 Hours Ago

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