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Okay, what is this group all about?

1. Sharing our Tried and True Recipes!
2. Feeding our soul as well as our tummy!
3. Good conversation on any topic you wish!
4. A place to share, and a place to vent with support from your friends.

*What can I post in this group?
Post only tried and true recipes that you have made yourself. Post or discuss whatever you wish, any topic, informative articles, photos, videos, clean jokes, Bible verse etc.

*Are there any Rules?
Mostly just common sense rules. Let's all be kind to each other. Our intent is to keep a peaceful group that all may enjoy. We believe in freedom of speech; however, we also feel that we can have discussions without resorting to harassment or bullying. If you can't agree with that, find another group.

All religions, and peaceful folks are welcome to Tried & True Recipes!
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Bonnie D. Utahn - 4 Hours Ago
I have one. It is a shop vac from hell. It is about 25 years old, big and bulky, and it doesn't cooperate with us one bit. Just about the time we start picking up leaves or whatever, the hose falls off. This will happen no less than 20 times....
1 No way is hard where there is a simple heart. 2 Nor is there any wound where the thoughts are upright: 3 Nor is there any storm in the depth of the illuminated thought: 4 Where one is surrounded on every side by beauty, there is nothing that is...
Bonnie D. Utahn - 8 Hours Ago
There was a rumor going around JAP yesterday, that JAP is moving the justapinch site to FB. Rest assured, that that is NOT going to happen. Here is part of JAP's reply addressing that issue: "As for moving the site to Facebook, Just A Pinch isn't going anywhere! :) We...
Amy Alusa amyalulsa - 10 Hours Ago
Mother’s Day A man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers to be wired to his mother who lived two hundred miles away. As he got out of his car he noticed a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing. He asked her what was wrong and she...
Bonnie D. Utahn - 12 Hours Ago
Has anyone tried this? I found this on the web, but I don't know it if is true. To keep ice cream as soft as the day you bought it, store it in a ziplock bag in the freezer. I have never tried that tip before. Ours is as hard...
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