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By Bonnie D.
Friday at 12:01 AM

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We see you over there! Yeah, You!! Just popped in to say, "WELCOME!" to our latest new members, Kimberly, Alesia, and Kris! So happy that you have decided to join us here on TNT. Everyone loves this friendly group of folks. So don't be shy, jump into the conversations when the spirit moves you, because we want to hear what you have to say! The main thing is to have fun, and HAPPY COOKING!♥
~ Bonnie

I Love these Luminara Candles

By Andy Anderson !
19 Hours Ago
They are so realistic, that my guests try to blow them out :-)

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Would You ?

By Maggie :)
23 Hours Ago
Not me .. nope .. no way.

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Good Morning.

By Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal
Yesterday at 7:28 AM
Hope Your posting problem gets fixed. I know the feeling :/
So I have a post from a moose for You ;)

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By Bonnie D.
Yesterday at 1:51 AM
I hope your day is a good one. What are you doing? Any plans? I am going to catch up on a little work around here, and maybe get in some reading this afternoon.

Oh, and I can't post one dang photo, so my posts are going to be very boring, today! I wrote JAP, so maybe they will help me out.

See ya all later!


HELP QUICK!!?? Please..??

By Cindy Rice
Friday at 12:52 PM
Okay I am making my CHILLI Rellenos casserole for dinner..
Thought I had a can of evaporated did not buy any at the store I don't have any..hubby said he'd pick some up when he went into town, but came back w/out any and said they didn't have any( duh!.. Convenience stores usually don't carry evaporated milk..
Question..last time I made it I had about 3 quarters of a can and I just filled the rest w/1/2&1/2 ..
Ya think I should use all 1/2&1/2..or what??
The only options I have available are
1/2&1/2, heavy cream, 1% milk, whole milk, or 2% milk..these are my options and I'm at that stage right now..:)
Let me know what y'all think..:)


By Cyann Privately
Friday at 10:56 AM
Hi Cyann,
"I wanted to touch base with you about the bake sale we are having. We are doing it for Breast Cancer Awareness month so we are going to donate some of the proceeds. If you wanted to participate, you can bake whatever you like and sell it and we can give you half of the profits then the other half would go to breast cancer research. We cannot guarantee how much you would sell but if you would like to participate we would love to have you!
Let me know what you would like to do."

I've never been to a bake sale, the office wants me to bake a afew of this bunt cake... a fews weeks ago, I made this bunt cake and took some down to the office, EVERYBODY loved it!

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