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By Bonnie D.
Sunday at 10:39 AM
A message to the new folks in our group: Marilyn, Ariann, ChiChi, Carol and Kristi! We welcome you to this group and wish you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving filled with laughter, peace and love. Thank you all for joining!

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Remember Those .....

By Maggie :)
12 Hours Ago
Who are unable to be home with family today.

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Happy Thanksgiving TNT

10 Reasons To Invite Dogs To Thanksgiving

Safe Travels !

By Maggie :)
21 Hours Ago
To all who are traveling either to your destination or in a few days returning home ....

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Seize The Opportunity

By Maggie :)
Yesterday at 5:04 AM

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Prepping for Thanksgiving....What are you up to?

By Sherry Blizzard
Tuesday at 9:40 PM
I just finished boiling the brine that I will submerge my turkey into for an 8 hour bath. Tomorrow I will bake a pumpkin pie and a cherry pie. Why do I need this for 2 people? Convince me. Yams (please don't put marshmallows and brown sugar on it)....just butter and salt/pepper

Where's Cassie?

By tami mosdell
Tuesday at 3:25 PM
Just wondering where Cassie has been. I enjoy her recipes and she has not been on lately. Hope all is well with her.....