101 Ways to Use Ground Beef

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Ground beef can be transformed into a variety of dishes and is relatively economical, particularly if purchased in bulk, divided and frozen.

I'm always searching for ways to stretch the grocery budget and ground beef is a staple in my home.

Meatloaves? Casseroles? Soups? What are YOUR favorite recipes which include ground beef?


how do I join.

By Cheryl Stringfellow
Jul 13, 2014
I would love to learn more recipes. I have a small restaurant and we are trying to come up with more plate lunch recipes.
a lot of recipes are too fancy for a small town cafe.

Can I be allowed to come in and share food?????

By Bob Cooney - Shaklee Distributor
Apr 1, 2014
You will be surprised at the ways I know how to use Ground Beef....

All I want to do is share my recipes and share a Smile or two....

Fireman Bob :)

Christmas Present for Hubby's Supper

By Heidi Hoerman
Dec 25, 2013
There is a mac'n'cheese stuffed meatloaf complete with woven bacon blanket headed to the oven. Hubby is enthralled. May you and your loved ones be well and happy through the holidays!

Merry Christmas

By Libby Price
Dec 24, 2013
Wishing y'all a Merry Christmas and a blessed and happy 2014.


By Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013

Buon Natale! Felice Anno Nuovo!

By Donna Graffagnino
Dec 23, 2013
To All of You Wonderful Cooks and Your Families ~ Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and Happiest New Year! Stay Well and Keep Safe!

Coco's 4 cheese pasta casserole

By Roslyn Hurst
May 4, 2013
2 years ago, Coco's restaurant had a seasonal casserole that was four cheese, pasta and hamburger. I believe it may have had some tomato ingredient too. It was delish! Even as leftovers as my son in law and I both discovered but I have never been able to recreate it despite many tries nor find the recipe. It also has never come back to their menu after that season. Any one out there have such a recipe?

Need some seasoning guidance please...

By Catherine Lim
Nov 9, 2012
Here in Southern California there is a little restaurant that serves what they call "scramble". I tried making it today, and while good, it was definately lacking in the flavor department. I started with 1 lb. of ground meat. 1 onion finely chopped, and 1 box of frozen chopped spinach thawed and well drained. I then fried it all up together and used some sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. I served it on a plate with hashbrowns on one side and meat/spinach mixture on the other and topped the meat with 2 over easy eggs. Like I said, it was good but lacking "something". Can any of you more experienced cooks help me out on this? Thanks in advance.