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This is a group where we can sit back and enjoy chatting with each other rather than on the recipes. Hopefully in return this will free up some of the recipe comment sections of unwanted chatter.

Thanks and have fun!!!

Good morning

By Nelda Carnley
Yesterday at 10:52 AM
With Thanksgiving just around the corner I know we will all be busy preparing for our guest and food so I want to take the time today to let everyone know you will all be in my prayers for a safe and happyThanksgiving. Hope everyone enjoys their family, friends and food.

Fruit Flies

By Robin Salmen
Yesterday at 10:51 AM
Does any know a good home remedy to get rid of those nasty, pesky fruit flies? They keep hanging around even though I cleaned & sprayed.

3 Ripe Bananas

By Becky Graves
Wednesday at 9:52 PM
Ok just a pinch friends,

I have 3 ripe bananas, what can I make with them?

Becky Graves

It's been such a long time!

By Terrie Hoelscher
Oct 27, 2015
Hi, Bea, and other JAP friends!
My, I haven't been on the site in SO long! We're traveling today, currently going thru NC. Steve's driving: I'm captive in the psgr. seat. LOL! I got to thinking about you, Bea, and the JAP group. I trust all is well with everyone!
Steve & I have been so busy this year ... Our parents are aging and failing, which has required many trips to NY [mine] and FL [his]; we moved my daughter from NY to be closer to us and she now lives in WV, about 8-mi from us, and it's been quite the challenge getting her settled and dealing with her; and Steve's traveling schedule has been horrific for the past 8 mos. Life has been busy! My parents are 90 & 81. Dad had a stroke a little over a year ago, so that presents a lot of challenges for mom. With my prior nursing background, I go back 'n forth about every 2 - 3 weeks to help out, and just give mom a break. Dad's still living @ home & mom has done a fantastic job caring for him, but she's worn out! He can't do anything for himself at all, except feed himself, and even that creates quite the mess for her to clean up afterward. But she allows him that independence. So sad & so difficult to watch our parents age!!

Hope you are all well. Just wanted to check in and say hi and tell you I was thinkin' of you, Bea! Drop me a FB Pm, or something, and bring me up to speed! :-)
God bless!

PLEASE pray for Norma DeRemer !!!!

By Anna Mae Kantor
Oct 24, 2015
Our friend and member of Just a Pinch, Norma DeRemer, is battling 5 tumors of stage 4 cancer and is VERY SICK and terribly weak. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she really needs them and is in a real struggle. Thank you.


By Rose Mary Mogan
Oct 22, 2015
Today is October 22 and it is the day of my mothers birth 90 years ago. It is because of her patience and teachings that I am so fond of cooking today. I owe much of what I know about cooking to her. I MISS HER SO MUCH. She had the ability to take little or nothing and create something wonderful to feed the entire family. There were 13 of us. That is what she taught me, & I value her teachings because of our humble beginnings we weren't always able to go to the store, and I learned to cook by using what we had on hand.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss her, but I am so blessed to have her teachings in my heart, and the passion to share what I have learned with others, even through a venue such as this. Even when I am gone some of you will still be using many of the recipes I have created for my family and friends over the years. That is all because of Mama and her teachings. Mama is no longer here but 3 of my brothers have called me long distance today because they say I am the closest & next to mama because I am the oldest. It made me feel all fuzzy inside because they hold me so close to our mom who is no longer here. I feel blessed that I am able to share my precious thoughts with each of you, because mama meant so much to me, and I miss her on a daily basis, but her teaching live on through me, that I am blessed to share with you. I hope I can be half the woman that my mother was not just to her kids but to all those whose lives she touched. If you are blessed enough to still have your mom do cherish those memories, if your mom is no longer here, I hope you too have some great memories that you will always cherish. Thanks for reading my post about my mom, who departed this life 15 years ago & I remember it as though it just happened.

busy day

By Nelda Carnley
Oct 21, 2015
It has been a very busy day for me, painted the guest room this morning after doing house work, put supper in the slow cooker, then went to my son's house and picked up a 5 gallon bucket of pecans. I am pooped, but still have to finish up supper and try to put the second coat of paint on the guest room.

Hello everybody

By Craig Clark
Oct 17, 2015
Oh my goodness it's been a long time. I sure hope everyone is doing well. I've been so busy with work and looking into a new house I just don't get much time to get on here. I do see some of you on FB and it sure is nice to stop in here today. I will try to get in here more often, until then take care and I'll talk to you all soon.