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This is a group where we can sit back and enjoy chatting with each other rather than on the recipes. Hopefully in return this will free up some of the recipe comment sections of unwanted chatter.

Thanks and have fun!!!



By Bea L.
Thursday, January 15 at 12:10 PM
I need some tips on how to grill a super tender steak. Thanks!


By Priscilla Smith
Jan 8, 2015
Somehow (not surprising) I forgot how to pinch recipes from other sites.
Can someone help me?
Thank you.

I'm Back!!! Happy New Year!!!

By Kimberly Richards
Jan 8, 2015
Hi everyone, Happy New Year!! I am finishing up with school in a few weeks and graduation is February 7th and I am finally done! I took on a part time position with Whole Foods Market back in October and have been working 7 days a week between my two jobs...New year, New Career, New Job! I start with Whole Foods full time on 2/2/15; Bakery/ Cake Decorator!!! All that school paid off...YEAH!!! I can't wait to get back on track with my JAP family, I've missed you guys!!!


By Rose Mary Mogan
Jan 7, 2015
Many of you like me are experiencing extremely bitter & cold weather where you live. Yesterday I had planned to go to Sam's Club to pick up prescriptions, and do a bit of shopping. My friend and neighbor offered to go with me to help me.

During brutal weather, our garage door will go up but will not go down. The only way to get it down is to stand inside the garage, push and hold the button, then exit from the service door, then go thru the house and come out the front door. This neighbor volunteered to go and do that since I have difficulty walking, and I got the vehicle out of the garage and allowed it to warm up. In the process some kind of way, she locked herself in the back yard, we have 6 food tall privacy fencing around the entire house, plus she is barely 5 feet tall. So not only did she lock herself in the back yard, when I discovered it, I got out of the car, went to help her, and then I got lock in the back yard with her. Mind you it is minus 20 plus degrees below zero, and we are both trying to get into the house, but she had locked the bottom lock on the back door so we could not get in, & had no working keys, and all the locks to the gate were frozen, the keys to the garage door didn't work, and no one was home near by, fortunately she had her cell phone, mine was in the car, but every one she called, no one answered, then finally she called & got one of her sons to come over, unlock the car, then use the remote in the car to lift the garage door, then go inside and open the service door, so we could finally get out of the back yard. We were there at least 45 or more minutes trying to get out. It seemed much longer, especially when you are not properly dressed.

As we were back there my mind reflected on all the homeless people that have no place to go, and no other alternative. Although my situation was temporary, it was enough to make me realize just how blessed I am, and I had thoughts of both of us freezing back there because we couldn't get out. That is very scary especially when you are not properly dressed for weather conditions like that. Then we had a hard time going through the front because she had locked the storm door from the inside. Needless to say, I did not go outside at all today, I stayed in to stay warm. Thanking God that at least I have heat and a warm place to sleep. My husband brought home all new keys made for every door & they are all color coded to make it so much easier to identify, especially when it is sub freezing weather.

It must have taken me at least 6 hours or more for my body to get back to a normal temperature, my fingers felt frozen for a great part of the evening, how frightening that was at the thought of being out in the cold and possibly dying because we could not get to proper shelter. And the keys that we had did not work. I am saying all of that to say that if you are going out in EXTREME WEATHER, DRESS PROPERLY, even if you think it is only for a short period of time. You NEVER KNOW WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN. I am blessed to be nice and warm inside tonight, but there are some that do not have a warm place to go. That is sad.

A new year!

By sherry monfils
Jan 5, 2015
Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas:-) I had surgery on my left foot Jan 2nd, so I didn't get to party in the new year!! BUMMER! I will be on crutches for about 2 months, which is fine. I'v been putting off this surgery for too long. The biggest thing I'm worried about, is gaining weight, because I can't go to the gym during the time I am on crutches. I'm going to be looking at cutting calories, and looking at any recipes that are low cal, low fat to help me. If anyone has any suggestions, I'll take them! Since I recently hit menopause, I've already gained over 10 lbs out of nowhere!! I don't need to gain anymore, lol.