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This is a group where we can sit back and enjoy chatting with each other rather than on the recipes. Hopefully in return this will free up some of the recipe comment sections of unwanted chatter.

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By Bea L. - 14 Hours Ago

Have any of you ever made a pumpkin pie and frozen it "unbaked"? I know I can bake it then freeze it ahead of time but I'm wondering how it would do if I freeze it unbaked, thaw it and then bake it later.

Going to friends for Tgiving

By Jane McMillan-Whittaker - 15 Hours Ago

This is the first time since I became an adult that I am not cooking the traditional feast for family here at home. We will be having our own traditional Tgiving here on the weekend.
The hostess is very Southern and is making a ham, and her brother is frying a turkey. I am hoping for some really traditional Southern dishes that I probably won't fix, and want to take picts! Hoping for some cornbread stuffing, pecan pie, collards, that sort of thing.

HELP please?

By ali Bresnahan - Yesterday at 2:59 PM

Hi everybody. Just posted this question on JAP Facebook page, but no response yet, so I'll try to find someone on here who can help me. Am wanting to make a delicious-sounding recipe for chicken with Dijon mustard sauce...I have everything I need to make the dish EXCEPT - tarragon. Have never used it, don't know what it tastes like, don't want to go to the store. My question: is there something I can use in its place, or - especially - CAN I MAKE THE RECIPE WITHOUT IT?? Appreciate any response. ☺ Thanks.

Fried Foods

By manhal rashdan - Wednesday at 10:57 AM

It is common knowledge that fried foods are not healthy and should be avoided whenever it is feasible.
In addition to causing you to pile on the pounds, these foods are of little nutritional value and can cause some serious health problems.

They are associated with higher cholesterol and higher blood pressure, both of which decrease your cardiovascular health and make you more likely to suffer from heart disease or strokes.

Fried foods can also upset the digestive system, leading to uncomfortable acid reflux, and potentially exacerbating the cramps or gas pains associated with irritable bowel syndrome.

Unfortunately, many people exclusively associate fried foods with the French fries, chicken nuggets, onion rings and burgers that you can buy at fast food restaurants.

These people remain unaware that they may also be consuming unhealthy fried foods at home.

If you want to improve your health, you should never fry your meals in a pan on the stove or in a deep fat fryer. Instead, consider baking or broiling.

For example, you can oven-bake lean chicken breasts with a coating of herbs and spices, creating a delicious dinner that has very little fat content and provides you with plenty of protein. Meanwhile, red meat can be garnished with vinegar and minced garlic, and then broiled over coals.

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By Rose Mary Mogan - Wednesday at 6:44 AM

I wanted to know DURING EXTREMELY COLD WEATHER have any of you experienced having trouble with your garage doors going down. It seems every year when the weather is brutally cold, it is hard to get the garage door to go down. WHEN THE TEMPS ARE 30 OR ABOVE IT WORKS LIKE A CHARM.

If you have had the problem what did you do to alleviate the problem? The door will eventually go down, but usually by pressing the pad on the inside of the garage, and then going back through the house, once I have gotten the car out. The remote in the car does not work to allow it to go down. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone and Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.