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Clean Eating is simply consuming food in the most natural state possible. This is not a diet area or a quick weight loss system, more so a way to have a better lifestyle - one meal or snack at a time.

Anna B.
Jun 4, 2013

Decedent Smoothie

I just shared with the group two of my favorite smoothie recipes: Decedent Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie and Very Berry Spinach Smoothie. I hope you try it!

Anna B.
Jun 1, 2013


Did you know that pumpkins aid weight loss and may reduce cancer risk? Add some to your diet with my easy and nutritious Cinderella's Oatmeal

Brandy Male
May 19, 2012


Need help converting seasonings to be more healthy..however I want to keep as much flavor as the bad ones...any suggestions?

sherry fry
Jul 4, 2011

Spinach with Garlic

Hey Chef Scott you should know the answer to this for me.

I used to work at a diner in New Jersey and they had the most wonderful spinach w/garlic side. I have tried many times to duplicate this, I get close but it just isn't the same. I steam my spinach then transfer to a baking dish with olive oil and garlic and bake in the oven. Would putting the dish in a water bath help to "meld" the flavors?


Scott Anderson
Apr 22, 2011

The 17 Day Diet Book

I'm trying out this weight loss book to see if it holds water and works for weight loss. If anyone has done the same please post so we can get some discussion going.

Scott Anderson
Mar 19, 2011

Fresh Vegetables

With the economy still struggling and produce on the rise due to bad weather it's all the more important to stay focused on eating healthy. Try local markets, or farmers and ask them what they will be planting and if you can buy directly from them.

Also, plant a few window herb gardens or lettuce gardens. A little bit will go along way, so enjoy some fresh air and plant some good health!

What are your thoughts in preparing for fresh, healthy, sustainable fruit and vegetable meals this spring and summer?

Susan Feliciano
Jan 26, 2011

Why We Get Fat

I'm reading a book called Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It, by Gary Taubes. I'm about 60% finished (don't you just love Kindle?) and it seems the reason may be sugar, refined flours and grains, and too many starches. NOT too much fat like the prevailing mindset is.

I know my starches and carbs are very limited, and it has caused me to lose a lot of weight. I've also got more energy than I used to have, and my cholesterol and other labwork are so good I'm off all my medications, including blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

The book says the obesity epidemic began with the use of refined grains and sugars and has escalated ever since. This author has dietary recommendations near the end of the book, so when I get there, I'll share some of those. I think most of them will fit well with mediterranean foods, except maybe the amount of pasta usually served. Not that whole grain pasta is bad, but the quantity we eat needs to be decreased.

JoSele Swopes
Jan 23, 2011

Health Issues

I do have to have certain things and certain thing I can't eat...So I have to change some of my recipes or deal with the pain......