JAP Prayer Chain

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Group active since Mon, Dec 20, 2010

After reading some of the comments on other discussion groups I thought it would be a great idea to have a group dedicated to a prayer chain. This group would be an outlet for those in need of support, love and prayers during difficult times in their lives. This way they can come to one place, and other members will have their names and be able to add them to their prayer list. In these troubling and difficult times that we are all facing I think it is needed.

Anit bent
16 Hours Ago

update on my lump

well guys it has been what a week now and that lump has went down to the size of dime!! thank you guys so much for your prayers. This is truly the work of God. praise the Lord and keep praying for each other.
you know the funny thing is I only really worried about this for the first day after I did my prayers and ask all of you to pray for me I just put in God's hands and my worry went away. God will heal me, I just feel it.

than you my pray warriors

Eddie Jordan
17 Hours Ago

His Grace Be Encourgred

Father God, cleanse me of my judging nature and free me from the bonds of sin. Let me taste Your mercy and then help me to live a changed life.

We serve a savior who is eager to forgive.

sallye bates
20 Hours Ago


The issue of people being fixated on whether somebody is 'disrespecting' them is a recent development, which from my observation, has coincided with the development of the 'me now' generation who do not respect themselves or anything else.
Previously, we developed self respect and through acting based on our self respect, we earned the respect of others.

The truth is that we cannot expect others to respect us if we do not respect ourselves.
Those who will shout and become upset that we have not respected them, are reacting because without receiving respect from others, they have no respect at all.
If we have self respect, we do not need the respect from others, but nevertheless we usually receive respect from others, because we earn their respect by our actions, which are based on self respect.

Eddie Jordan
Wednesday at 9:25 AM

The Spirit And The Son

Dear God, I bow in humble thanks for the prayers spoken by the Holy Spirit and by Your Son today. What an amazing truth!

The Holy Spirit and Jesus are always praying for you and me.

sallye bates
Wednesday at 5:10 AM


I joyously express my divine nature.

I experience happiness in many ways: a baby’s first smile, the laughter of friends, or the beauty of a sunset. But these things alone cannot make me happy. My happiness is a result of my attitude—my inner workings.

I begin my day with “happiness treatments.” I can affirm to myself: I am a joyous expression of God. I can also make my morning habit one of looking in the mirror to see the light of love looking back at me.
Happiness begins within me and radiates from me to give a touch of love and warmth to my world. Even when I face a challenging situation, I do not let it get the best of me. The best of me is within—the power and strength of God. I let my inner nature of happiness flow from me, and I find peace in any circumstance.

Let the faithful exult in glory; let them sing for joy.—Psalm 149:5

Eddie Jordan
Tuesday at 9:55 AM

What We Value

What do you value? Read the story about the manna in the wilderness in Exodus 16. Consider how this story relates to Jesus's word to the crowd in Luke 12.


sallye bates
Tuesday at 7:37 AM


Philippians 3:13-14 Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

There are two kinds of birds that roam the desert: vultures and hummingbirds. The vulture thrives on a diet of rotting meat. He flies overhead searching for traces of leftover carcasses from slow-footed critters eaten by wild animals who've already had their fill.

Hummingbirds, on the other hand, will sweep through the desert, passing over all those repulsive, dead animals and seek colorful patches of beautiful wild desert flowers. They will suckle the delicious juices of those sweet desert blossoms and be satisfied.

While vultures look to the dead for their survival, the hummingbird seeks the living! Likewise, some of us unconsciously look to our past with its regrets, failures, and sins to keep us alive. We think that somehow by looking back to those dead things, we might find some motivation to keep surviving here and now. But let's take a lesson from the hummingbird.

Let's sweep past that which is dead and focus on the sweet new life -- the exciting future that God holds for us as we continue seeking Him and moving forward in our relationship with Him!

Eddie Jordan
Monday at 9:38 AM

Draw Near To Him

I come to You now, Lord, in need of rest for my heart.
Help me to trust You and be confident in Your love. Thank You Lord, for all the wonderful wisdom You have bestowed on me.

When we keep our minds on Jesus, He keeps our minds at peace.