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After reading some of the comments on other discussion groups I thought it would be a great idea to have a group dedicated to a prayer chain. This group would be an outlet for those in need of support, love and prayers during difficult times in their lives. This way they can come to one place, and other members will have their names and be able to add them to their prayer list. In these troubling and difficult times that we are all facing I think it is needed.



By sallye bates
16 Hours Ago
God’s love flows like an eternal spring.

In the Bible story of the Samaritan woman, she asked Jesus to give her the water that would quench her thirst forever. Like her, I may have gone to the well of worldly comfort, filling a bucket again and again as I tried to satisfy myself. Over time, I learned this only left me wanting more. Today I fill myself with the love of God—my wellspring of joy—for lasting satisfaction.

At times, I may relapse into seeking fulfillment from outer circumstances or possessions. I know then to turn within. I nurture myself through prayer, meditation, or talking with a loving friend. I shift my attention to my desire to know God.

Spirit in me flows like an eternal spring. My thirst is quenched and I am free.

Give me this water, so that I may never be thirsty.—John 4:15


By sallye bates
Wednesday at 8:43 AM
A woman was at work when she received a phone call that her daughter was very sick with a fever. She left her work and stopped by the pharmacy to get some medication for her daughter.

Upon returning to her car she found that she had locked her keys in the car. She was in a hurry to get home to her sick daughter. She didn't know what to do, so she called her home and told the baby sitter what had happened and that she did not know what to do.

The baby sitter told her that her daughter was getting worse. She said, "You might find a coat hanger and use that to open the door." The woman looked around and found an old rusty coat hanger that had been thrown down on the ground, possibly by someone else who at some time or other had locked their keys in their car. Then she looked at the hanger and said, "I don't know how to use this." So she bowed her head and asked God to send her some help.

Within five minutes an old rusty car pulled up, with a dirty, greasy, bearded man who was wearing an old biker skull rag on his head. The woman thought, "This is what you sent to help me?" But, she was desperate, so she was also very thankful.

The man got out of his car and asked her if he could help. She said, "Yes, my daughter is very sick. I stopped to get her some medication and I locked my keys in my car. I must get home to her. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?"

He said, "Sure". He walked over to the car, and in less than one minute the car was opened.

She hugged the man and through her tears she said, "Thank You So Much! You are a very nice man."

The man replied, "Lady, I am not a nice man. I just got out of prison yesterday. I was in prison for car theft and have only been out less than 24 hours."

The woman hugged the man again and with sobbing tears cried out loud, "Oh, Thank you God! You even sent me a Professional!"

God may not always send us what we expect, but He will always send us what we need. It's up to us to have the wisdom to recognize the difference and be thankful.

Thank you so very much Prayer Warriors.

By Tara McCarter
Monday at 9:09 AM
My Aunt Mary died at 5 am this morning. She no longer is in pain and has cancer. She was a funny, loving woman. She believed in God. She is so loved by everyone.

Thank you so very much. God is good and took her quick so she would not suffer anymore.


Prayer Warriors, I need you help!

By Tara McCarter
Monday at 7:03 AM
My beloved Aunt Mary has been fighting lung cancer for a few years. She has been getting worse and worse just lately. She has stopped the Dr's from saving her life and is just wanting to go now. I ask of you to help me get my Mother there in time to say goodbye. And that she does not suffer, my aunt has suffered in the past couple of months. She has been in and out of the hospital. She has had many surgeries to take the fluid of out her lungs.

Please help me pray that she has a painless end. Also for my Mother. My mother the oldest in the family and my Aunt Mary is the youngest of the sisters of the family. My mother suffers from strokes from time to time.

Thank you all,

Tara McCarter


By sallye bates
Sunday at 8:18 AM
I rely on the strength of the Holy Spirit.

I trust the Holy Spirit, the activity of God in me, to power my heartbeat, guide my thinking, and attract my good. I do not need to consciously command my breathing or will my heart to beat. In a similar way, Holy Spirit is a constant life force. This force animates my body, energizes my breath, and invigorates my spirit.

The activity of God is present in my creative thoughts and ideas. The wisdom of God enlightens me. The strength of God empowers me. The love of God fills my heart.

I am fed spiritually when I pray and listen. I keep myself attuned to the Holy Spirit by spending time each day in the Silence. As I bask in divine love, I receive all I need to live fully, consciously, and purposefully.

God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit that has been given to us.–Romans 5:5


By sallye bates
Saturday at 7:19 AM
Memorial Day Devotion
A Day to Honor Life
By Beth Patch

Memorial Day – to some it’s merely the beginning of summer and to others it’s a solemn day to remember those who have passed from this life. However, to the war veteran and to the families of fallen soldiers, Memorial Day carries significance so deep that words cannot express their hearts.

When we look into the eyes of those who still mourn these once vibrant men and women, we often sense their loneliness and pain. We hear them choke back tears as they simply say the ranks and names of their military brothers and sisters at a Memorial Day service. White gloves, dress uniforms, rigid posture, and perfectly precisioned salutes represent the reverence and respect flowing from within. Those who have been personally affected by war understand and appreciate this day of remembrance.

What should we say to those who sincerely honor this day? "Happy Memorial Day" doesn't seem fitting. "I'm sorry for your loss" may be closer to appropriate. What would the fallen soldier want from their comrades and the rest of the country on this day?

In an often quoted Memorial Day speech given in 1884 by Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., the speaker ended his address with these words, “Our dead brothers still live for us, and bid us think of life, not death -- of life to which in their youth they lent the passion and joy of the spring. As I listen, the great chorus of life and joy begins again, and amid the awful orchestra of seen and unseen powers and destinies of good and evil our trumpets sound once more a note of daring, hope, and will.”

The American soldier who gave his or her life for U.S. citizens to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness won’t be telling us how to observe the holiday. But I believe that Holmes’ proposition to “think of life, not death” would honor the fallen soldier. Their sacrifice follows the example of Jesus Christ laying down His life for our freedom. It's selfless love for others – not so they can mourn forever, but live!

"We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters." 1 John 3:16

Notice that in scripture and in military service, the willingness to give up one’s life is not dependent on the worthiness of the people who benefit from the honorable act. In a perfect world, all who receive freedom and grace would be worthy of such a sacrifice and full of gratitude. But that’s not the way it is anywhere on earth.

"But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners." Romans 5:8

We are blessed to be living in a free society. May we honor our American soldiers for the liberty we have in this country. May we also give thanks to Almighty God for the freedom we have to spend eternity with Him because of His gift of forgiveness through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


By sallye bates
Thursday, May 21 at 6:42 AM
My daughter and I finally got around to converting all of the electronic pictures stored on our computers and cell phones into printed ones that we could actually hold in our hands and put into photo albums. It was amazing looking through decades of our lives. There were proms and graduations, birthdays and Christmas, playful pups and napping cats. I looked at myself and saw my wrinkles disappear, my hair darken and regrow, and my waistline shrink. I looked at my children and watched them grow younger and younger. I looked at my dogs who had passed and wiped away a tear or two. I even looked at some pictures from 40 years ago that my relatives had e-mailed me.

There I was not even 5 years old with chubby cheeks and innocent eyes. I looked at that boy and all those younger versions of myself for a long time. I wondered too what I would say to all of those Joes if I had a chance. I knew that I would tell them to relax and not worry about life's troubles so much. I would tell them that they would solve all the problems they could and get through the ones they couldn't. I would tell them to enjoy and cherish each day as it comes. I would tell them that everyday has its own delights and simple pleasures and they should appreciate them all. I would tell them to hug more, laugh more, and say "I love you" more. I would advise them to take in more sunsets and to turn off the television every so often and go watch the stars. I would tell them to sing along with the radio and read a good book every chance they get. I would tell them to never pass up the opportunity to pet a dog or help another human being. Most of all, though, I would tell them to just love, because that is what God put us here to do.

Of course I know that none of us can go backward in this life. Life can only go forward. After I put the photo albums down then I went into the bathroom and gave all of that advice to the man in the mirror. I think that he appreciated it too. He may have been 48 years old, with graying, balding hair and a face full of wrinkles, but when he smiled his young soul shined through and I could see the loving light of God in his eyes.

As you go forward in your own life then always take with you the wisdom you have gained, the kindness you have shared, and the love God has given you. As you go forward always strive to be the best Child of God you can be. As you go forward always remember to just love and have joy in that love.

Author: Jospeh J Mazzella

Once again asking for your prayers

By Jennifer S
Wednesday, May 20 at 5:43 PM
My 21/2 year old grandson has a fever since last Wednesday. Blood work shows an elevated white blood count and so is his sedimentation rate. I'm not familiar with a Sed rate but a high rate isn't good. If the fever doesn't break by Friday he has to go back to the hospital. Please keep this baby in your prayers that the fever breaks and he gets back to normal. I know that this prayer chain works and as God's hear.