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Whatever type of baker you are...from good 'ol chocolate chip cookies to the finest souffles...come share your recipes, tips and favorite baking gadgets!

What to call it?

By Linda Mericle
Jun 20, 2015
I have a hybrid cake in the oven. I didn't have enough carrots for carrot cake and not enough bananas for hummingbird cake. So I morphed them into a pineapple-banana-carrot-pecan-coconut cake. A humming carrot cake? Or a carrot bird cake? Or just a hum-dinger cake? Any suggestions?

Need to be more specific

By Stephanie Dodd
Jun 8, 2015
When asking what to use, It is to inject the filling in the batter.

Filling Muffins

By Stephanie Dodd
Jun 8, 2015
I have been making various muffins and injecting a filling but would like suggestions on what to use to for muffin or cupcake filling. Thanks so much!

King Cake in a Convection Oven

By Andrea Hammer
Jan 8, 2015
It is carnival season again and I am wanting to bake my King Cake like I do every year. My problem is that last year I purchased a convection oven and cheese filled King Cakes can be a bit tricky to get cooked all the way through without the outside getting too brown. Believe me I have ruined a many a King Cake thinking it was perfectly cooked only to cut into them and the center is still raw. I spent one entire season finding the perfect recipe and calculating the perfect temperature and time that was required in my old oven. I would really appreciate not having to go through that process again. Are there any tips or tricks that y'all know of that could help me bake a perfectly cooked King Cake in my convection oven the first try?

I think I can do this!!!

By Straws Kitchen
Mar 2, 2014
Received this from a friend this morning in my inbox...she said, "here's your laugh for the day"

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Brown Bread Recipe

By Nora M
Mar 2, 2014
Does anyone have a basic recipe? I have a Kitchen Aide with gadgets and want to start baking.

Hello from Ireland

By karyn ryan
Jan 24, 2014
Hi there, my name is Karyn,and I'm from Ireland. Baking is my thing, because I can't cook. My kids will testify to this, but ask me to bake you a cake, no prob. Looking forward to sharing some recipes with you all!! :)

I love baking

By Nor M.
Jan 11, 2014
It is my favorite thing to fo.