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I didn't see a single group on this site that is dedicated to good soups and stews. For those of us who live in climates that inspire good, hot, hearty soups, this is a good place to share your favorites. If you're someone who loves to create spur-of-the-moment soups from the week's leftovers, this site is for you, too!


it's that time again!!!

By Ashley Burnam - Nov 19, 2013

I love soup, and a good creamy and chunky soup that I make all the time in the fall is Creamy Mushroom & Potato Soup
you'll LOVE it.


Two-pot method for perfect cheese soups

By Heidi Hoerman - Nov 14, 2013

It may dirty two pots but this two-step method for making cheese soups prevents any lumps and results in a cheese soup with a great consistency. In one pot, prepare the broth and any solid ingredients for the soup. In the other pot, make a cheese sauce. Stir the two...


Cordon Bleu Appetizers go great with soup....

By Kim Biegacki - Jul 26, 2013

If you love ham, swiss cheese and a little Dijon this recipe is for you. Cordon Bleu Appetizers

I wanted to share this super easy recipe that goes well with soups, main dishes or even can be served alone as a delicious snack.


Looking for old polish soup recipe

By Suzanne Marzano - Mar 24, 2013

I am looking for an old recipe for a soup called Kavas(?) not sure of spelling. My mom and busia used to make it. When my mom died I found her recipe but it was in short hand. I remember it was made with milk, vinegar, neck bones, carrots and...


Bialy Barszcz - White Borscht an authentic Polish soup...

By Kim Biegacki - Feb 21, 2013

Finally got the 2nd soup posted that I learnt how to make. It is unique and packed full of delicious flavors.
White Borscht - Polish Easter Soup - Bialy Barszcz