Soup's On!

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I didn't see a single group on this site that is dedicated to good soups and stews. For those of us who live in climates that inspire good, hot, hearty soups, this is a good place to share your favorites. If you're someone who loves to create spur-of-the-moment soups from the week's leftovers, this site is for you, too!

I've been meaning to share this most delicious soup recipe made by Chef Alton Brown. It is amazing!!!

By Kim Biegacki
Mar 18, 2016
This is a must try if you enjoy greens, garlic and kielbasa. My husband, Anthony just asked me the other day when I was going to make it again. Christmas Soup by Chef Alton Brown

No-Low Lactose Creamy Corn Chowder

By Heidi Hoerman
Nov 14, 2015
Just made this tonight and you'd never know it was made with soy milk.

No-Low Lactose Creamy Corn Chowder

Oh, yum!

By Judy Medina
Oct 20, 2014
I owned a restaurant for almost 30 years and served 5 homemade soups every day. Believe me, soup is a comfort food and soooo good on a cold daywell, even a hot day for that matter )
I look forward to new recipes and I'm happy to share mine with you too.
keep on cookin!


Fall days and tomato soup

By Robin Lieneke
Oct 19, 2014
Chilly fall days are just made for creamy tomato soup. This week I made Tomato Gorgonzola soup and served with crostini for dipping. Just perfect to cheer up a drizzly day.

Being that I'm a Northern Girl, "Soup's On" at my house and this is what I cooked up last week...

By Kim Biegacki
Sep 29, 2014
Chicken Cider Stew this happens to be one of my favorite soups to make during the fall season. It is delicious! Turkey Soup Continental I just adopted this one off Just a Pinch as it had no owner. I changed it up and made it my own...very delicious.

What soups are cooking in your kitchen?

it's that time again!!!

By Ashley Burnam
Nov 19, 2013
I love soup, and a good creamy and chunky soup that I make all the time in the fall is Creamy Mushroom & Potato Soup
you'll LOVE it.

Two-pot method for perfect cheese soups

By Heidi Hoerman
Nov 14, 2013
It may dirty two pots but this two-step method for making cheese soups prevents any lumps and results in a cheese soup with a great consistency. In one pot, prepare the broth and any solid ingredients for the soup. In the other pot, make a cheese sauce. Stir the two together and voila!

For example, the other night I cooked finely chopped broccoli in chicken stock. In the other pot, I made simple bechamel (a roux of flour and butter with milk stirred in), seasoned it with achiote paste, and melted in some finely diced cheddar. I stirred the cheese sauce into the broccoli and stock and had a very nice broccoli-cheddar soup. No cheese sticking to the bottom of the pot or wrapping itself around the solids in the soup. I've used this two pot method several times now and LOVE the results!