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I have made this statement for years,You put chocolate on it and I will eat ALMOST anything.Well I decided to start a group with just chocolate recipes on it.O.K.friends of just a pinch step up and share your chocolate recipes with us

Pat Duran
Aug 27, 2016

chocolate does the

body good...


Sea Sun
Dec 4, 2015

Old Fashioned Fudge?

Let's discuss!

I decided to make fudge last night using the marshmallow/chocolate chip recipe. I had never realized just how "Tollhousey" it tastes until I licked the bowl. It set up beautifully and I actually made it in the microwave...mostly as a challenge to myself as I never thought it would turn out. lol Well it did, though I'm not satisfied with the taste.

Does anyone have a recipe for a tried and true old fashioned chocolate fudge?


rayna maxey
Feb 4, 2015


I just joined the group and I checked out the groups recipes. wow, I will one of every thing please. Have a great day to all.

Jean Fisher
Mar 29, 2014

Almond Bark & Nuts

I had some leftover Almond Bark from Christmas. I decided to play around a little to see if I could come up with something Yummy. I love to munch on nuts of all types anyway. I took some pistachios & almonds. Chopped them in pieces. I chopped up the almond bark. Melted it at intervals in the microwave & added the nuts. Spread it all out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Then sprinkled some also on top. I let it cool about three hours until hardened. It was delicious!!

Nor M.
Mar 29, 2014

new to this group

I am a chocoholic. You can tell by my recipes I post here. This is my Easter chocolate recipe I thought I would share with you all. Thanks for coming up with this group. For the love of chocolate!! Yum

Amy Borne
Oct 24, 2012

Some advice would be good

I have an old recipe that I think I am doing something wrong with. It causes for sugar, cocoa, milk and you cook it on low for 40 mins but it is always gritty the sugar is not desolving. Can anyone tell me what I a doing wrong or what I can do to fix my problem?