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On your home front, a group of us thought it would be great to start a new group for everyone to post their home grown unique recipes and tips. These are passed down through the generations...That you practice or think it would be helpful or interesting to others on the site. Such as....mom taught me this little trick and it really works....Great recipes that have been passed down...To include decorating and etiquette....What ever comes to mind..Please be mindful to others...we are a great group ...HAVE FUN

Deb Crane
Jan 21, 2016

Uses for tes bags

Found on the internet.
While a lot of us enjoy tea for the potential health benefits, did you know that used teabags can be good for your budget, too? Here are a few handy ways to reuse these bags to save, long after your cup is empty!

To soothe minor skin irritations like sunburns, bruises, mosquito bites and cold sores, take a cool damp teabag and press it on the affected area to relieve inflammation and promote healing. You can also use this trick to reduce dark circles and rejuvenate tired, puffy eyes.

Teabags can make great deodorizers, as well. To keep your footwear scent-free, tuck a dried teabag in each shoe overnight to absorb any odors. If you want to freshen up your fridge, there's no need to buy a box of baking soda to keep the smell away. Just place a few teabags into a bowl, and it will do the job.

While you're in the kitchen, you can use a few bags to help remove baked-on grease from your dishes. Just soak the dishes overnight with a few brewed teabags and they'll be much easier to clean the next morning.

Lastly, a few teabags can go a long way when it comes to keeping bugs and rodents out of your home. Mint flavors tend to work best. Simply place them into cupboards, pantries and other problem areas. For extra protection, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to each bag. Mice and bugs hate peppermint.

So don't throw those teabags away. Give these tips a try and you'll see that while the flavor may be in the tea, the savings are in the bag.

Straws Kitchen
Nov 13, 2014

It can't get much easier than this...♥

Just in time to "save us time" baking during the holidays♥
Check out the step by step pix...can also be made in a pie plate.

Nancy Harris
Nov 4, 2014

diabetic sweets

My sister is a diabetic and I make spreads (fruit, juice and granulated tapioca) for her. Is there anyone with ideas other than that would work.
Also does anyone know how much tapioca starch is equal to in granulated tapioca.

Karen Smith
Jan 28, 2014

No Flour No Sugar

I am getting ready to start a new eating style and am not going to be eating traditional flour or any sugar or honey. ( plan on using Stevia ) What I am looking for is coating for oven frying fish. I have been using Corn Flake crumbs and notice that sugar is on the label. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

Anna B.
Sep 6, 2013

Cleaning coffee maker

When was the last time you cleaned your coffee maker? There is an easy and eco-friendly way to do it: Homemade Coffee Maker Cleaner

Lori Harbin-Combs
Aug 12, 2013

Spreading my dough around!

To evenly press difficult dough into pan before baking, use the wrap off the butter or margarine you used in the recipe. Butter side down of course.

Anna B.
Jun 28, 2013


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