Holiday treat Exchange

Hosted by Jennifer McConnell
Group active since Tue, Oct 19, 2010

Me and a few others were talking about cookie exchanges in our local areas, and the idea popped into my head for a holiday treat exchange on here. Picking a name off a list, and sending a bit of your holiday joy to them, along with a recipe card for the treat you've made, be it candy, cookies, etc. I don't know how well this will work, or if people will be interested in trying, but it sounded like a nifty idea when I came up with it, so why not! Let me know if anyone's interested, or if you have ideas to strengthen this one.



Just Cakes

By Stephanie Dodd
Jan 31, 2011
Good Morning my JAP Friends, I would like to invite you to post some of your favorite cake recipes on the newly created group "Just Cakes"

New Group

By Peggi Anne Tebben
Dec 23, 2010
Please check out my new group. Thanks!

Exchange List

By Jennifer McConnell
Oct 19, 2010
Hey all! This discussion post is the place to put your information for the Holiday Exchange List! I'm going to start things off and post mine, to give everyone an idea of the type of info we're needing here. Happy Holidays and Happy Gifting Everyone!!!

Holiday Treat Exchange Rules & Details

By Jennifer McConnell
Oct 19, 2010
Every member wanting to participate must post their Name, any food allergies, and any special diets that you're on, into the discussion post "Exchange List".

We are not limiting this exchange to simply holiday cookies. This is a holiday treat exchange, meant to give others the chance to sample new treats, try new recipes, and all in all, have fun! Fudge, Cookies, Brownies, Cakes, Candies, Cookies, if you think of it as a holiday treat, it pretty much qualifies!!!

Please pay close attention to the details of the person or persons you've chosen to gift to. If they have a nut allergy and you send turtle brownies with pecans, it would not be good.

When gifting please remember to send a recipe card for whatever treats you're sending out, so that the individuals receiving them can make them again if they choose to.

And most importantly.......This is supposed to be fun for everyone! I love this time of year, and since I usually spend the holidays by myself, I get a lot of joy out of being able to do this for others around me, and I think it will be just as fun to do it here as well.

Have fun with this guys! Happy Holidays to Everyone!!!

Charity Drive Recipes

By Shirley Henderson
Oct 19, 2010
I am new to Just A Pinch and Love everything so far!! The Core of me is always focused on how to help others or make things better!! A Couple of Years ago Some Friends and myself started a Charity Drive in my Community for the Children that have Parents (Focused on the Mothers)that are Incarcerated. Three women each year for the Holidays bake Cakes and sell them to our small Community. The Funds Raised are used buy Clothes,Toys ect.. for those Children.We have been inside the Detention Centers for quiet some time doing Support work needed. This has worked out well but we would like to Offer the Community some Baked Goodies of some Difference. We Mainly offered German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Coconut Cakes the basics. Oh, They are good but would like to Spice it up this year and offer a Variety! Any Suggestions or Ideas???Can we Strengthen this through "Just A Pinch"