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What to sub for what. Grams for ounces etc...


Eggs substitute?

By Goldie Barnhart - Feb 19, 2011

My sister just asked a question: she wants to make a box cake. It calls for three eggs. She only has two, is there something she can substitute for the missing egg?

Equivalents and kitchen hints....

By Terrie Hoelscher - Feb 19, 2011

4-1/2 cups shredded cabbage = 1 small head, or one pound
1 cup grated carrot = 1 large carrot
1 cup diced or chopped celery = 2 medium celery stalks
1 cup diced green pepper = 1 large green pepper
6 cups torn lettuce = 1 medium head of lettuce
3 cups sliced, raw mushrooms = 3/4 pound raw mushrooms
1/2 cup chopped onion = 1 medium onion
1-3/4 cups mashed potatoes = 3 medium potatoes

Hope this helps some of you ... I found it today, while cleaning out a drawer! :o)

Conversion Formula

By JoSele Swopes - Feb 1, 2011

Fahrenheit to Celsius
for those that have recipes that state Celsius rather than Fahrenheit....
Subtract 32 from Fahrenheit reading divide by 1.8

I got this out of one of my read digests...

cube of butter . .what is it??

By FREDA GABLE - Jan 23, 2011

Just had a question on one of my recipes, Where a person asked,
"what a CUBE of butter was"??

I never gave it a thought that someone may not know this. . . . !
I just took it for granted everyone knows.

So Here's he answer.
A Cube of butter is 1/2 cup
same as
1 stick of butter, out of a 1 lb pkg. = 1/2 Cup
there are 4 stks in a lb. of butter. = 2 cups

I Hope this helps some who didn't know this.

A substitute for coconut?

By Kathy Schleicher - Jan 15, 2011

I love the taste and texture of coconut, but a few years ago discovered that I had become very allergic to it!! I'm even bothered by palm oil, believe it or not!

I used to use coconut and coconut milk, etc. in cookies, beverages, etc. Haven't been able to come up with anything suitable (especially not for toasted coconut frostings, candy, etc.!
So I just skip any recipe that call for it.