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This is a group for Southern cooks or anyone who enjoys great Southern Cuisine. Whether it's good old fashion country cooking,or Cajun and Low Country meals, then this group is for you. Share some of your favorite recipe links or just chat!

Jenny Powers
Jun 23, 2013

Chicken and Wild Rice with Pecans

I just posted this recipe and it is so unique and wonderful.

Susan Feliciano
Jun 21, 2013

Baby Grandson is here!

My daughter gave birth to our first grandchild, a little boy named Judah Scott Bringle, at 8:16 pm Wednesday, June 12.
He was a big one - 9 pounds, 23 inches.
Baby is at home and doing well. Mother is recovering from a large episiotomy that came undone and had to be restitched today - OUCH! She said that was worse than the labor and delivery.
I have a photo album posted, but will put a couple of choice pictures in the comments below.

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Ashley Burnam
Jun 20, 2013

My first son is here!

Baby Killian as born June 8th weighing 6lbs nd 20 inches long. He is the sweetest little angel!

So of course I had to enter a photo of him in contest. I would greatly appreciate the votes (ad the picture is pretty damn cute)

Here's the link!

Thank you!! I'll post more photos shortly for all you baby lovers! :)

Jenny Powers
Jun 13, 2013

Tomato and Greens Casserole

I just posted this recipe, it is delicious and I see we have a few southerners on here. Hope you try it.

cathy tate
Jun 12, 2013

Grandson's Birthday Party!

I'm a true Southerner in every way! In the South,of course, we cook for everyone's Birthday,sickness or any occasion for that matter. It's my grandson's birthday this coming week and I am cooking his Birthday dinner this Sunday (well, we are making it a bunch because of his menu choice!). I let everyone choose what they each want for their meal to be. This is what Tyler chose as his meal (he is 9yrs):
Oj and Milk
Cheese Toast
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
Scrambled Eggs (everyone else) and Sunny-Side Up (for Him)
Sausage Links
Chocolate Cake with candles
Also making cinnamon rolls (for my daughter-his Mom)

The boy can eat!!!! No going to Church for me - I'll be up at 4:00am cooking! haha I do love that boy - only in the South would we do all this cooking for a Birthday Boy!

Melodie Maiden
Jun 6, 2013

California Girl

Hi everyone!!!
I'm one of those "california girls" that lots of southerners hate. I live in Southern California, San Diego county. There's a stereotype for everywhere and we're definitely not ours lol Our comfort food is mexican food! There's so many good joints here. It's like our thing. Well anywayy. I'm 17.7! I love cooking and baking. If I HAD to move out of california, I'd probably go to New Orleans because their Cajun food sounds so great. Except... Do people in the south actually eat crocs and turtles? O.O Because that's not something I would like to try lol. I'm very oldskool and my style is very 50s pin up and Rock N Roll. I have a special someone who's a total guy and loves food. All of it. I've got my mexican, italian, greek, europian, and classic american down but I don't know any southern recipes!! Can someone give me some MAN PLEASING southern recipes? Dessert too! Thanks guys! No judging please! On Yahoo Answers, a very rude girl gave me a fake recipe and told me that I had No right asking for Country recipes BECAUSE OF WHERE I LIVE? Ignorant. I'm just an old fashioned girl that has fun in different ways than her. If she had a beach, and boardwalk so close to her house I'm sure she'd be there a lot too.

A R Caswell
Jun 4, 2013


Some of you may already know of this site, but I just happened upon it. It is a refreshing alternative to WIKI, for me!

There are various areas of search concentrations. And for you with little ones, medium ones, and almost big ones, it includes help with HOMEWORK!!!


One of the things the I liked was the PERPETUAL CALENDAR. They used to print it in the phone books, but no longer. If you have a need to look up a calendar from any year, or to look forward to any year, you can do so with this. For all who do any genealogy or scrapbooking, planning in advance for parties, events, reunions, baby birth dates, etc., it really comes in handy.

There are also conversion charts, weights and measurements. I have that in a book somewhere,... but that's the story of many of our lives, isn't it? Ha ha!

I'll borrow Duck Dynasty's Uncle Si's famous line, "Hey!" and say that I found many, many, recipes for poke/polk salad on there, too.

Diane Hopson Smith
Jun 3, 2013

Homemade Ice Cream

This tart ice cream has just the right amount of sweet with the blueberry sauce. Lemon Ice Box Pie IceCream w/Fresh Blueberry Sauce