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This is a group for people who love movies, any kind of movies: black and white, Technicolor, wide-screen, documentary, sci-fi, shoot-em-up, murder and mayhem, Disney. Whatever your preference, tell us all about it here. You can recommend a film, or pan it. Show a trailer if you wish. Do you like to stream movies on your TV or watch HBO and Lifetime? Those are also fair game.

It is also a group for discussing odd things like unusual holidays or bizarre trivia. If you should run across anything out there which might qualify, please do share with us!

As with any JAP group, we ask that members be kind to one another. Remember, bullying reflects back on the bully far more than it hurts the victim. So let's all be grownups!

Ellen Bales
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The United Nations General Assembly created the first Human Rights Day on December 10, 1948. Since then, it day has been promoted annually by the UN, and by Human Rights groups around the world.

This year's theme is "Stand up for someone's rights today!"

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Ellen Bales
Yesterday at 9:25 PM


if colonization of Mars became possible in your lifetime, would you volunteer to go? Why or why not?

Ellen Bales
Thursday at 8:24 PM


National Pastry Day is a fun day, created to encourage you to make, and of course eat, your favorite pastries. On National Pastry Day, well known pastry chefs put on a show, making and displaying their finest creations.

Celebrate this day by making pastries. Don't make just one. Creativity is big in the world of pastry making. Be sure to try your hand a creating a new pastry. Culinary chefs should put on a show today, with live demonstrations. After all of the pastries are made, make sure to eat you fill of pastries on this very special day.

December 9th is also Christmas Card Day!

Christmas Card Day honors Sir Henry Cole (1818 - 1874) of England. Cole created the first commercial Christmas Card in 1843.

Just a few decades ago, sending Christmas cards through the mail was a holiday "must". Sending cards through the mail continues to be very popular. The cost and time for writing and sending cards has caused many people to stop sending them. Free Ecards have surged in popularity. Animated Christmas and seasonal Ecards have made sending and receiving them a lot of fun.

Today is a good day to send out your Christmas cards and holiday greetings. If you have yet to do so, use today to get a start.

Ellen Bales
Thursday at 8:12 PM


Do you remember this exciting film? I remember being on the edge of my seat the whole time I was watching it for the first time. Oh, and my husband had a hat just like Indiana Jones wore--LOL!


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Thursday at 8:03 PM


"Listen to me, mister. You're my knight in shining armor. Don't you forget it. You're going to get back on that horse, and I'm going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we're gonna go, go, go!"

Which movie is this quote from, and who said it?

Ellen Bales
Tuesday at 11:22 AM


1. What was the name of Scarlett O’Hara’s plantation in “Gone With the Wind?”
A. Green Gables
B. Manderley
C. Twelve Oaks
D. Tara

2. Who directed the 1950 classic film “Sunset Blvd.”?
A. Billy Wilder
B. John Ford
C. John Huston
D. John Woo

3. Where did the killer of the classic noir flick “Laura” hide his murder weapon—the shotgun?
A. In pool table
B. Up chimney
C. In coffin
D. Inside grandfather clock

4. Which film ISN’T a musical?
A. Singin’ In the Rain
B. The Apartment
C. West Side Story
D. My Fair Lady

5. What did James Cagney smash in Mae Clarke’s face in the 1930’s gangster flick “The Public Enemy?”
A. Pie
B. Watermelon
C. Grapefruit
D. Beer bottle

6. What did James Dean wear in his classic leaning-against-the-wall, cigarette-wielding pose from “Rebel Without a Cause?”
A. Red leather jacket – black t-shirt
B. Red leather jacket – white t-shirt
C. Black t-shirt only
D. White t-shirt only

7. In the legendary movie “Citizen Kane,” Kane dies at the start of the film, uttering one final word .. . “Rosebud.” What was Rosebud?
A. His secret daughter
B. A fine lookin’ Irish lad
C. His favorite horse
D. His sled as a boy

8. Which movie DIDN’T star The Duke, John Wayne?
A. Stagecoach
B. The Wild Bunch
C. The Alamo
D. The Longest Day

9. Who or what was “Old Yeller?”
A. A dog
B. An Indian chief
C. A cowardly one-armed farmhand
D. A beat-up megaphone

10. Which ISN’T a Hitchcock movie?
A. The Birds
B. The Man Who Knew Too Much
C. Serpico
D. Rebecca