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A place where we can get together and share a love for what we love to grow indoors.

Jean Fisher
Nov 28, 2016


Bob brought a cacti home to help decorate last week. Getting Gorgeous!

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Michelle Rice
Sep 30, 2016

Guess what i got my hands on, Cindy Rice?

I have a red fleshed dragon fruit. Back working in produce, and there is a dragon fruit on the rewrap tray. It's coming with me! Lol

Michelle Rice
May 3, 2016

Cindy Rice!

I saw a big basket of Dragon Fruit at the grocery store today! I was like oh no! Lol, but they were big and beautiful! Still pricey at $8.99, but better than the $10.99 I paid for mine! Only to throw it all away anyway!

Jean Fisher
May 1, 2016

My Geranium

Started this beautiful plant, by a few cuttings in the fall. It is about ready to go outside.

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Cindy Rice
Apr 11, 2016

Red amaryllis...

My sisters boss gave this to her , and she in turn gave it to my 18 yr old daughter....so of course , naturally it will become mine..as I'm the one who will have to care for it..it is supposed to bloom for 6 weeks..we shall see..lol

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Michelle Rice
Apr 9, 2016

A present that makes a pretty picture !

I know this is a houseplant group, but I had to share!

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