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This group is for bird lovers & watchers, featuring birds,and all gods creatures,, and we can wander away from gods creations from time to
But birds and animals are the focus of this group if you are a person who gets excited when your favorite birds have returned from a long winter elsewhere..or a long summer elsewhere...then this groups for you...if you love watching your squirrels, coons, wild turkeys, etc...then this is the group to share your experiences with..and we can share about our experiences about other animals as well..:)
After checking out other groups and their descriptions and rules, I realized I hadn't included any I do want this to be a very fun loving group..sooooo...with that in mind..I expect all members of this group to be polite and respectful at all times...if ya have to wonder or question yourself about writing it here...??? Don't write it here...any behavior that I deem Inappropriate or disrespectful will be this group once is all you get...I am the easiest person to get along with...let's keep it that that I've got that out there...let's have fun and maybe even learn some things along the way...I would also like to point out that I appreciate each and every one of my group members...thank you...:)

Joey Wolf
Jan 3, 2017

visit Annoyances and Off the Wall Discussions for......

a neat article on hedgehogs....."It's 2fer Tuesday" is the title

Joey Wolf
Jan 3, 2017

pop over to Tried n True Recipes for......

a nice article on feeding hummingbirds in the winter....i'd share it here, but can't figure out how to do it. if you are blessed to have them in the winter, help them out a bit.

refilling and laying in birdseed today....looks like it's gonna get cold again! the squirrels are hanging upside down on the tube feeder emptying it out this am. got to pick up some suet cakes too

Cindy Rice
Dec 27, 2016

Happy belated Christmas everyone..

Out temps are not very warm don't forget to feed your birds..and those of you that had a real Christmas tree instead of a fake one..don't burn it, don't bring it to the dump or cut it up , etc, etc..just put it outside..the birds will use it for shelter against the weather.... we heave ours off the deck and across to the bank opposite, our deck ..we have for the last few years..the birds do use it..and I'm sure they are grateful..I know this is the time of the year when they tell you not to feed your birds..but..this is the time of the year that they actually need the food, as food is scarce this time of year..:) your feathered friends will enjoy their new year too with a little good and consideration..:)

Happy holidays everyone..
I've got to feed my birds tomorrow

sallye bates
Dec 25, 2016


Have a magical day filled with the wonder and joy of this Christmas season.

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Joey Wolf
Dec 23, 2016

Merry Christmas....don't forget

to feed our feathered friends, drop off some treats at the shelter (it's a really good place to donate towels and blankeys if you get new ones for Christmas)

i filled the birdfeeders this am. the squirrels are playing tag around the big tree, the doves are eating on the ground. i saw 2 bald eagles on the ground this week.

at the bottom of my Christmas list, i asked for a doggy.......Santa did not agree......he thinks we should wait until spring!

Joey Wolf
Dec 3, 2016

there's a weather change coming......

i know this, because the bird feeders are SRO! they are even lined up on the porch railing, waiting their turn at Joey's buffet! at the small seed feeder they are mostly Eurasian Sparrows, a few little woodpeckers, and a junco or two. the sunflower feeder has squirrels, cardinals and larger woodpeckers. everyone visits the suet feeders.

Joey Wolf
Nov 11, 2016

Ellie Mae, has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge

We put Ellie down the 2nd of Nov. The tumors on her lymph glands had doubled in size in less than a month. Doc said she was definitely in pain. We did not want her to suffer any more.

We are kicking around, maybe doing a foster pet next time. Have any of you done this, and what do you think? Adopting rescues has gotten SO expensive, I realize they have expenses too;but seriously $300-$500 for a mutt? We probably won't do anything until spring, i really miss having a pet in the house.