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This group is for bird lovers & watchers, featuring birds,and all gods creatures,, and we can wander away from gods creations from time to
But birds and animals are the focus of this group if you are a person who gets excited when your favorite birds have returned from a long winter elsewhere..or a long summer elsewhere...then this groups for you...if you love watching your squirrels, coons, wild turkeys, etc...then this is the group to share your experiences with..and we can share about our experiences about other animals as well..:)
After checking out other groups and their descriptions and rules, I realized I hadn't included any I do want this to be a very fun loving group..sooooo...with that in mind..I expect all members of this group to be polite and respectful at all times...if ya have to wonder or question yourself about writing it here...??? Don't write it here...any behavior that I deem Inappropriate or disrespectful will be this group once is all you get...I am the easiest person to get along with...let's keep it that that I've got that out there...let's have fun and maybe even learn some things along the way...I would also like to point out that I appreciate each and every one of my group members...thank you...:)

Cindy Rice
Tuesday, March 21 at 10:57 PM


Hubby and I saw our first catbird today..:) yaay!! That is a definite sign of spring...:) I must put out some jelly for them..and oranges..because that means the oriole's won't be far behind...I love my catbirds..:)

Family Favorites
Mar 11, 2017

Some People Wait For The First Robin Sighting...

... I wait for these. =) Long before Robins return to my yard, I wait for the loud, crazy call of the Pileated Woodpecker. Although it's tough to tell from a photo, these guys are MASSIVE! They are nearly 20" long, with a wingspan of 26-30". They don't migrate, but they do hide out in the lower cedar swamps until spring. When I hear them in my yard, at the top of a high hill, I know that spring is soon to follow.

They are really shy and are usually only seen in quiet, wooded areas. If you think about a movie set in the jungle and the sound of birds in the background, that's what they sound like. Their massive size alone, makes them pretty unnerving the first time you see one.

I remember when we first built our home on a river in a woods, I looked out my kitchen window one morning to see one of these huge monsters on the side of a tree. My neighbor had been teasing me the morning before about setting up my bird feeders and houses. Having a crazy, prankster, woodworking neighbor, I thought that he had put a huge, wooden woodpecker on my tree as a joke... until it flew away! Although prehistoric-looking and downright homely, they sure are fun to watch.

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Cindy Rice
Mar 4, 2017

Not sure what I should title

As I'm drawing a blank..
But just wanted to share my four legged
Lady has gone to a sorta retirement home for special needs little old ladies like her..:( but, that is great, as we didn't have to have her put down , and they will take care of her till she passes naturally..she'll be 13 on April 20th..
That leaves us with boogey , and mew kitty..we just call her kitty

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Teresa *G*
Mar 4, 2017


Hi, all.

I posted this in the Expressions group earlier, but thought I would share it here also.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ยท
Hummingbird eggs are tiny, about the size of jelly beans! Please remember to carefully check for nests before you trim trees and shrubs this spring.

Facts about bird nests:
Permission from photographer Kelly Campbell to share this image.

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Joey Wolf
Feb 26, 2017


this is a photo of the migratory fowl, flying SOUTH over our home this am! there were wave after wave of huge flocks of birds....i think the unseasonably warm weather we had last week and the major snowstorm just to the north of us has them a bit confused this year. lol

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