Making Fresh Sausage

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I love to make fresh sausage. I just finished 27 pounds of fresh pork sausage today. I'm going to make 20 pounds of bratwurst tomorrow. I'm always playing with different things, and family and friends seem to really like it. ( I never have any leftovers). Most likely around November I'll make some fresh Kielbasa, and every January I make about 50 pounds of summer sausage.

Jim McGuire
Nov 7, 2015

Sorry everyone.

I have deserted everyone it seems like.. Not true, had many medical issues going on at the same time. Much better now.
I still make sausage......Fresh pork sausage, Polish sausage, Bratwurst, (Deer summer sausage I'm still playing with it),,,,not right yet.
I just made 40 pounds of fresh pork sausage this morning...11-07-2015
I also made fresh homemade bacon 2 weeks ago and it turned out perfect.
I started curing my first Canadian bacon this morning. won't come out of the cure mix until 11-21-2015.
I'll smoke it the same as the bacon using hickory, oak, wild cherry, apple and plum, and a couple twigs of Sassafras. I have a professional smoker and smoke cool at 150 degrees for 4 hours.(meat on one side, smoldering fire on the other)
When the internal temperature of the bacon is 150 degrees, I take it in, wrap it in plastic wrap, and then tin foil. Put it in the freezer. Bacon is easier to slice cold, but you all knew that.
Making sausage and bacon is a real hobby of mine, and I do love doing it.

Eddie Jordan
Sep 8, 2014


Good afternoon Jim, I am posting my German Summer Sausage. I think you will like this recipe GERMAN SUMMER SAUSAGE

Millie Johnson
Aug 19, 2014

Howdy !

What a great idea for a group ! I hope to get a meat grinder very soon and will be looking for recipes.

Bob Cooney
Aug 19, 2014

Good morning Jim... May I join ???

Thank You for hosting this Group.

I have been wanting to learn how to make sausage for a long time.

I look forward to being taught from the " Professional!

Fireman Bob Cooney ! :)