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Hi there,
This group is the place to come and talk about your weather. Being in the EAST, WEST, NORTH or SOUTH, the weather has a lot to do with YOU and your friends and FAMILY, and DON"T forget about your PETS!!!

We are interested in knowing if it is SUNNY, RAINING, FOGGY, SNOWING or just a GOOD day.

So, click on and let us know, and we take recipes also...

Andy Anderson !
11 Minutes Ago

Cool & Clear

It’s a cool morning with a temperature of 50f (10c). The sky is clear, and the stars bright. A delicate breeze moves through the yard; barely disturbing the leaves in the paper birch as it passes. A thin crescent moon rises ahead of the dawn. It dispels a few stars in its vicinity; however, it no longer has the power to dominate the sky.

Breakfast today consists of some scrambled eggs with cheese, and a fresh English muffin with blackberry preserves, and tea (Earl Grey).

I hope all my JAP family, and everyone else, have a wonderful Thursday.

The waning moon peeks through the naked branches of my Locust tree:

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Linda Smith
24 Hours Ago

Eastern Iowa

Storms last night loud woke Mollie up and she decided it was time to play. It is 45 degrees now highs are going to be in the 50's today. Good news predicting close to 70's for Halloween.

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sallye bates
Yesterday at 5:25 AM


Another gorgeous Autumn day is in store for Austin.

Current temperature is 65º
High forecast 85º
Humidity 90%
Gentle wind blowing
Bright sunshine beaming from blue skies with some clouds floating around.
No rain in the forecast.

Have a wonderful Wednesday filled with warmth and joy.

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Linda Smith
Tuesday at 10:56 AM


50 here and cloudy going to be all day,might hit 54 but my bones say nooooooo. Supposely it is going to warm up ....... (shrug sholders) believe it when I sees it.

Diana Perry
Tuesday at 9:13 AM

65 degrees at the moment and headed to 75 degrees.

It is relly nice out right now, with humidity at 56% with only 2 mph wind. By Friday they are predicting highs to be in the 80's again, with Sunday as high as 88 degrees, with an overnight low of 59...Aw yes, fall in Georgia... Need a jacket in the morning and short sleeves by the time you come home. Can't count all the times I've left my jacket or coat at work, hanging on the door when I left to come home. Of course, since I now work from home that no longer constitutes a problem!

sallye bates
Tuesday at 9:03 AM

Autumn in Austin

The Weatherman is promising us an overcast day here in Austin.

Current temperature is 67º
Humidity is 96%
High temperature will be 83º

The trees are really beginning to show their glorious fall colors.

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Debbie Sue
Tuesday at 6:04 AM

Bobby, Where are you?

Bobby, I hope you and your back are doing okay!
We are missing you in the morning!

Diane C.
Monday at 4:53 PM

back to the 80's

After a few days of lows in the upper 40's and daily highs in the mid 70's, it is back to the 80's. No, not the big hair and acid-washed jeans. The temperatures.
Today's high is 81. Tonight's low is 60.
Tomorrow's high is 83. Low is 61.
The sky is bright blue with the merest wisp of a cloud. There's a light breeze.
You know Fall has begun when even the Sun sleeps in.