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There are kitchens all around the world that have many things to share. Many cooking adventures that can make you laugh so hard that you wish you had someone to tell. So grab you a cup of coffee and have a seat in front of you computer and spend some time with some friends.Tell us what you cooked for dinner or share with us how your day went.I know that in my kitchen;this is where most of the action of the day takes place with a family of seven.So come on and jump in about anything!
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One of my favorite things to do. Cook and eat breakfast with my granddaughter!
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We called the wildlife and had to meet them 45 miles away from where I live. It took me 8 phone calls to get to the person I needed to speak with and a day to get the owl to them. I hope it makes it. My children were the...
Received this from a friend this morning in my inbox...she said, "here's your laugh for the day"
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Yes I did something that I hardly ever do - I went out for Dinner. It was nice to spend time with the family and not worry about cleaning up a mess. lol. I am glad that I surrendered and went out because it was a real refreshing time for...
Denise Logan Cayenne22 - Feb 28, 2014
Stir Fry Chicken
Made this for my momma and she loved it! Here is the recipe! Try it. Like it. Comment.(:
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