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There are kitchens all around the world that have many things to share. Many cooking adventures that can make you laugh so hard that you wish you had someone to tell. So grab you a cup of coffee and have a seat in front of you computer and spend some time with some friends.Tell us what you cooked for dinner or share with us how your day went.I know that in my kitchen;this is where most of the action of the day takes place with a family of seven.So come on and jump in about anything!

Sweet Breads Cracking and Falling

By Stephanie Dodd
Sep 19, 2015
I have a question about baking breads. Two of my breads; one banana and the other lemon, have baked and then when removed from the oven, have cracked and fallen in the middle. I got on line to see if I could find answers and I know baking powder and soda need to be fresh and not outdated, and mine are. Then I read where bananas might have too much moisture in them and if they are mushy, this could cause a problem.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Deb, I know with your culinary skills, you probably have an answer too. There are so many excellent cooks and bakers on JAP that I know someone can give me some advice.

Thanks so much for any assistance!!

Throwing surprise birthday for son today.

By Debra Russell
Jun 14, 2015
He is turning 14 on Wednesday. I am doing the party today so that he has no idea. He thinks that we are just having a cook out. Haha. After we eat I will bring out the ice cream cake that I made and all those gifts. Oh boy! I just love birthdays haha.
I am only having a hard time watching my little boy grow up. He is the youngest . He is growing up to be a real good little man. I am so proud. Ok well I have a party to throw, talk soon.

I'm so proud of myself right now!

By Debra Russell
May 29, 2015
I do not talk about personal issues with people because they tend to judge when they don't understand on less they too are or have been where I am. Anyway I am this time because I am so proud of myself it doesn't matter what anyone has to say.

Anyway... My husbands job has went from working five days a week to three. You know what that does to someone like me who has bills and a family to care for. I am a stay at mom having a hard time finding a job to help husband. Boy! How things have change out there let me say! I didn't know that everything went to applying on line. Let's just say I about broke my iPad it made me so mad. What was wrong with paper? And why do they push for you to get an education to flip a burger? Unreal! But that's a whole other story altogether.

I had to pay my electric by the 23rd or they were going to shut it off. Having children at home I could not let that happen. So my husband and I took the whole paycheck and paid the bill. That left us nothing! Not even grocery money for that week. I thought to myself I cook from scratch a lot and my pantry is not completely empty just yet. I can come up with something I'm sure.

My seventeen year old daughter said use your pennies momma. I looked over at my jar and said it takes a hundred pennies to make just one dollar. I have nothing in that thing. As I drank my cup of coffee I thought about what she said. I told her lets do it! We went to the bank and used the coin machine. I had ten dollars in that little pink pig bank. Lol , more than I guessed. We went to Aldi grocery. I knew if I was going to get anything that's where I needed to go. I was able to buy four loaves of white bread,a milk,cheese,hamburger buns,Bologna ,can of beef stew and a can of chicken & dumplins all with my ten dollars. That's pretty good I think. So far this week I made pancakes,grilled cheese with tomato soup,and fried bologna and egg sandwiches. But tonight was the real challenge!

I bought one can of chicken and Dumplings to feed a family of six.
That's just not enough! But I figured maybe with a little broth and some cans of vegetables I have make I can make it go a little further. Well did I get a big surprise when I opened the can.
There was no juice or sauce in the can! Now what? This is where my cooking skills really kicked in and I went to work. I melted butter in a skillet and added flour.
Next I added a two cans broth,can of green beans, and can of potatoes. Salt and pepper to taste.
Waited for it to thicken up and added my can of chicken & dumplins. Heated it up. Looking at it while hoping that it didn't tasted like flour.

Boy ! Was I wrong. It tasted great. What flavor and I had enough to go around too. I am just so proud of myself right now I'm in awe! The family loved it and the sounds of mmm! And it tasted better than it looks , just tickles me and makes me feel that I am great in the kitchen. Lol.

Now my mind is thinking what can I do to that can of beef stew to make it go further. It's like being on Guys Grocery Game, haha. But do let me state if it were not for the wisdom of God and his voice coming through the mouth of my daughter we would have starved this week. That's a Fact !

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I went through the emotions of loss

By Debra Russell
May 28, 2015
I remember when I first joined and made this group. Oh what fun it was and how many friends were made. Than everyone just like faded away. At that time I didn't have internet like everyone else seemed to have. I lived in the country and all that was offered was dial up. Which is like not having internet at all. When I finally moved to where I have the internet it was to late everyone was so gobbled up with social media. So with that and business of life people don't have the time for people anymore.
It don't have to be like that. I'm not going to be like that! If there are any of you out there that want to be friends and chat with someone across the world I am here. If you just need someone to listen who don't know you or your life,hey I'm the girl. If there is no one well I hope you enjoy the recipes and stories.

I can see the light!

By Debra Russell
Dec 8, 2014
i have had some really tough times and today I have gotten some really good news. My kids were taking martial arts and they stopped us from coming six months ago because payments got behind. Which was not my fault but there's because they put my money all on one kid instead of putting it on two children. I made them an offer and they took it! Kids start back Monday! I'm so happy!

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I need some prayers for new job

By Debra Russell
Sep 18, 2014
I filled for a cooking job today. Pray that I get it and that it's all I hope it to be.

Looking forward to fall and the year to come.

By Debra Russell
Sep 16, 2014
As fall comes upon us slowly all I can do is get excited. Snuggling in my warm kitchen baking my favorite fall recipes. The family memories fill my head as I think about how special these times are for me. Time has gone by year by year and this month I will be 40 on the twenty-third. I now have a daughter married and moving into her own place and a beautiful grandchild she has given me. Things have changed so rapidly since a year ago . We have had many trials as victories. There are mornings I get up and take a breather thinking wow! Slow down life !
But I have learned that we have to slow down and take in the moments or we will miss them. With so many things going on in life it can sometimes feel overwhelming . But I sit with God and thank him for all the treasures in my life. He shows me where the fruit of all my labor has come to harvest. My daughter knows how to be a loving mother and wife from the lessons I took the time to teach her as she was growing at home. My other children still at home are looking at life the way I instructed them to see. With love and forgiveness towards others as Jesus gave to us. And an awareness of the evil that is all around them. Not to be afraid but stand for what they know is right even though in others it may seem wrong.
So even thou the world is falling apart in values and morals ; I still can have peace in knowing my children see through eyes of grace and they are strong in their souls to stand in these days. So I see this fall as harvest time for me and my family for the new year that is ahead of us. This thanksgiving will be more than just a turkey and shopping. And Christmas more than gifts and memories. These holiday months will be a celebration of how far we all have come and of how far we will go. I thought when I turned forty I would be like ,old. Lol. But I feel young and alive. Now I'm living life not just existing . Everything that I had put into my family is coming to harvest. I am just watching all come forth and enjoying all I see in them,making sure not to miss a second of it.
Baking this fall will be a treat. New recipes and smells in my kitchen added to the old time favorites. It resembles our lives this year. Thanks for letting me share with you my thoughts and feelings this morning. I pray that you too can see your harvest as well. God bless all of you and your families! :)

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Hello ladies

By Debra Russell
Sep 9, 2014
I have not been able to get in here for awhile and tonight it let me in. So if you be so kind as to introduce yourself to me if we have not met I would be very great full .For those who do not know me I am a mother of five from Alabama .I love to cook. I have many recipes in Pinterest and in a group on face book called Debs kitchen. Look me up!
On august 28 my daughter gave me my first grand baby . Seraine Trinity Logan 6 pound 6 ounces. So it's been real nice to have a baby around again. I have made lots of new recipes that I will be sharing in my group so keep checking back.

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