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Experienced in being lead down prim rose path
Experienced in Heart Broken year after year
Experiences in wearing Rose Colored Glasses
Experienced in being Naively " sucked in "
Experienced in letting people take Advantage of me

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Bob Cooney
Wednesday at 5:29 AM

I've had a stroke. ..

Surgery in the next few days. ..
Open up my arteries in my neck and scrape the garbage out. ..

Bob Cooney
Oct 10, 2016

I Humbly ask for ideas for a new recipe. ...

Please, I ask everyone to think of something that needs to be " reinvented ", and tell me what you would like me to " create " ...

I'm asking because I want to get back to posting new recipes here again...

Give me your best shot.....

Saw this photo on Facebook last night. ...

Fireman Bob

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Zelda Hopkins
Sep 21, 2016

I'm Back Bob

Hey Bob I'm back in my group, Come and say hello and give us a new wonderful recipe. I hope everything is okay.

Bob Cooney
Sep 20, 2016

Are You ready. ....

If you knew back then, what you know about Microsoft and Bill Gates now, Would you have invested your money and time to have what those folks who saw the idea back when Microsoft started out  ? Give me 6 minutes of your life and I'll share the new " Microsoft " of our time. ...If You are ready for it....  Let me have your email address and phone number and I'll send a short 6 minute video

Bob Cooney
Aug 15, 2016

I asked once before. ..

To All my Friends and Family,

I am undertaking a Wonderful new Challenge...

Please list 10 to 15 ideas for the to create a recipe for All...


Fireman Bob :)

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Andy Anderson !
Jul 26, 2016

Hey, Bob...

I know you've been busy... but let us know how you're doing... :-)

And waiting for that next GREAT recipe... OH YEAH.