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We all get annoyed from time to time. Is there something you need to get off your chest?

What is annoying you right now? What has annoyed you in the past that never got settled?

Do you have a helpful suggestion for other members who are annoyed by something?

Do you have something off the wall you want to talk about?

Come on in, grab a drink, pull up a chair and vent your annoyance, or add your off the wall topics ..we are here to just listen, participate or to help if you want it.

We aren't here to solve world problems but you never know, we just may stumble onto something !

Please be nice and respectful.

Do not come into this group with a hidden agenda because we will not tolerate bullies or posers.

Nothing political ... it never ends well.

There is a wonderful group already established where you are welcome to share any and all of your political cartoons or complaints and everyone is welcome to join God, Guns, and Constitution which is located at this link -

Thanks for understanding !

Maggie ^O^
7 Hours Ago

It's A New Week - Happy Monday !

Good morning everyone.

We are on to our next week now and I say Let The Adventure Begin !

Have a great week everyone !

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Maggie ^O^
Yesterday at 6:12 AM

Good Morning - It's Sunday !

Happy Sunday everyone

I hope your day is one of rest, relaxation and maybe even some good cooking !

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Maggie ^O^
Saturday at 7:44 AM

Saturday Is Here !

Good morning and happy weekend everyone !

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Maggie ^O^
Friday at 8:48 AM

Oh Yeah ... It's Friday !

Good morning and happy Friday everyone !

We are in some kind of weird weather twilight zone here ... one day it's in the 20's and the next it is in the 60's .. today will beat all of that as we climb into the mid 70's !

I have no idea what we are going to do today but I guarantee it will be outside !

I hope every one of you has a great Friday !

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Maggie ^O^
Thursday at 7:39 AM

Good Morning - It's Almost Friday !

Yep ... it's only Thursday.

But you know Friday is right around the corner.

And Friday leads into the weekend.

So that makes today pretty special !

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Maggie ^O^
Wednesday at 7:03 AM

Good Morning - It's Wednesday !

That magical half way point in the week is here .. hang on everyone .. the weekend is coming ... we're going to make it !

I hope you all have a great day !

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Maggie ^O^
Tuesday at 4:34 AM

Good Morning - Happy TWOfer Tuesday !

Here's a little fun to start your TWOfer Tuesday ...


They’re fluffy, they’re good-natured, their hair can make super-soft sweaters and they’re really cute. But alpacas are more than just a furry face.

Alpacas were raised by the Incas in South America over 6000 years ago. Kept in herds, Alpacas made their dainty way among the mountains of Peru, Chile and Bolivia, where clothing made from their hair was reserved for Incan royalty.

Alpacas come in all sorts of colors, but there are actually only two types of breeds. The difference is in the hair. The Huacaya alpacas have a really fluffy fleece that gives them the appearance of teddy bears, while the Suri type have long locks of hair that grow straight down. Most alpacas that you see in Canada are Huacayas.

Alpacas get shaved for their hair, just like sheep. And just like sheep, all sorts of things can be made from their wool, like sweaters and hats and scarves and blankets. Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca hair is hypoallergenic, which means people won’t get allergies from it and sneeze and itch. Even better, alpaca wool is flame-resistant and water-resistant. Which means you can have a lot of adventures in your alpaca sweater – that, and it’s easy to clean.

Llamas and alpacas are closely related species. Llamas are bigger than alpacas, they were raised to be pack animals so could carry a lot more on their backs. While both can be shorn like sheep, and have wool made from their hair, llamas have shorter, coarser hair. Alpacas and llamas can have babies together, they usually look like short llamas. In South America they’re called huarizos or mistis, in North America they often get the mash-up name of llapaca.

Just like cats with their kitty litter, alpacas like to have one particular spot to do their business. Usually it’s a dung pile that the whole herd uses, but alpaca breeders who let alpacas into their houses say that they’re very good about letting people know when they need to go outside.
Camels are famous for spitting when they’re annoyed, and as a distantly related species, alpacas will do the same. But alpacas only do this when they’re very upset. The rest of the time, they communicate with other alpacas in their herd by humming. During breeding, the male alpaca Romeo emits a unique throaty vocalization called “orgling.”

Alpacas and llamas can successfully cross-breed. The offspring they create are known as huarizo, which are valued for their longer fleece.

Cria-an alpaca baby born after a gestation of eleven months or 335 days. Crias usually weigh approximately 15 to 19 pounds at birth. After about 30 minutes to one hour, crias can usually stand and nurse. They are born during daylight hours.

Adult aplaca can weigh between 110 and 190 lbs and they stand about 3' at the shoulder and approximately 4.5' at the head.

The average life span of an alpaca is 18 - 20 years.

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Sharon Colyer
Monday at 11:33 PM

If Your Child Has This Doll, You Should Get Rid Of It Now 2-21-17

It's the My Friend Cayla doll. This doll has been banned in Germany. This is no joke. This type of hacking, has even been done on baby monitors. I read a story about it recently. I believe I saw it on Facebook. If I see it again, I will save it.

I also just now saw a story about the new boy doll, from American Girl, Logan Everett. It said that this doll can talk directly to it's owner. So, it sounds like the same type of set-up. It was mentioned in an article, written about a pastor who has his own opinions about the introduction of this doll. My concern is about some one being able to hack into it & say inappropriate things to the child playing with the doll.