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We all get annoyed from time to time. Is there something you need to get off your chest?

What is annoying you right now? What has annoyed you in the past that never got settled?

Do you have a helpful suggestion for other members who are annoyed by something?

Do you have something off the wall you want to talk about?

Come on in, grab a drink, pull up a chair and vent your annoyance, or add your off the wall topics ..we are here to just listen, participate or to help if you want it.

We aren't here to solve world problems but you never know, we just may stumble onto something !

Please be nice and respectful.

Do not come into this group with a hidden agenda because we will not tolerate bullies or posers.

Nothing political ... it never ends well.

There is a wonderful group already established where you are welcome to share any and all of your political cartoons or complaints and everyone is welcome to join God, Guns, and Constitution which is located at this link -

Thanks for understanding !

Maggie ^O^
3 Minutes Ago

Good Morning - It's Fun Food Friday !

On Friday's we have food that is all fun with no worries about calories and if it's healthy ... fun food .. who doesn't like that!

Strawberries will soon be in season .. so today ... YUM !!


Maggie ^O^
Yesterday at 8:05 AM

It's Thursday - Let's Make Something !

This is such a cool project and the timing is perfect! You can do this with the kids, the grandkids or by yourself ... whichever way you choose the results will be awesome !

Today's DIY is Flower Seed Bombs

A super fun way to plant seeds and share seeds too !

Check this out !

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Joey Wolf
Wednesday at 10:21 AM

seeing Dr today.......

Ron can't hear and I can't's not pretty here. i am sorely tempted to take a page from my Mother's book, and the next time he responds with ''Huh"........"Huh HELL, pay attention! and a gentle bip slap (or Gibb's slap) to the back of the head. arrrggghhh When I get well, he's GOING to have his hearing checked!!!

Maggie ^O^
Wednesday at 9:22 AM

It's Wacky Wednesday !

Have a happy wacky day everyone !

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Maggie ^O^
Tuesday at 9:31 AM

Good Morning - It's TWOfer Tuesday !

TWOfer Tuesday today is all about the Red Panda .. aren't they beautiful?

Fun Facts About Red Pandas

Red Pandas are primarily bamboo eaters. They have heavy fur the color of cinnamon. Red pandas live in the mountains of Nepal, central China and northern Myanmar in rainy, high-altitude temperate forests and tropical forests.

Red pandas are small mammals with long, fluffy tails and red and white markings. Though they share a name with the more famous giant panda, they are not closely related. In fact, the name 'panda' was first applied to these animals, and not to the larger black-and-white bear.

Other names for the red panda include lesser panda, cat-bear, bear-cat, Himalayan raccoon, fox bear and firefox, according to the San Diego Zoo. The mascot of the Firefox Web browser is a red panda, according to Mozilla.

Red pandas were at first classified as relatives of raccoons in the Procyonidae family, because of physical similarities, such as the head, teeth and ringed tail, according to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Later, because of some DNA similarities, they were classified as bears in the Ursidae family. Recent genetic research now places them in their own family, Ailuridae. They have no living relatives, and their nearest fossil ancestors lived 3 million to 4 million years ago.

Red pandas are similar in size to the common house cat. They are 20 to 26 inches long from head to rump, and their tail adds another 10 to 20 inches. They weigh from 10 to 20 lbs.

Red pandas have large round heads and short snouts with large, pointed ears. Their coats are reddish-brown, although their faces are mostly white with reddish 'tear tracks' extending from their eyes to the corner of their mouths. These markings may help keep the sun out of their eyes.

They have long, bushy tails with alternating red and white rings. The tail helps them maintain their balance as they climb trees. Long, sharp claws help them climb to the highest branches to sunbathe or escape from predators.

One feature that red pandas do share with giant pandas is a modified wrist bone that acts like a thumb, helping them grasp bamboo when feeding.

Bamboo consists of 85 to 95 percent of their diet, according to the National Zoo. Red pandas eat bamboo shoots and bamboo leaf tips, stripping them off the stems with their mouths. They may also forage for roots, grasses and fallen fruits. Sometimes, they will eat eggs, insects, birds and small mammals as well, but they mostly stick to bamboo.

While it is a big part of their diet, red pandas can digest only about 24 percent of the bamboo they eat. They need to consume 20 to 30 percent of their body weight, or about 2 to 4 lbs. of bamboo shoots and leaves per day. One study found that female red pandas eat about 20,000 bamboo leaves a single day.

Red pandas are primarily active at dawn or dusk, but they can be active any time of the day. They are solitary creatures. Males are territorial and will mark their territory with strong odor from the scent gland at the base of their tail. Like skunks, red pandas can unleash the smell when they are scared to fend off a predator. If that doesn't work, they stand on their back feet and strike out with the claws on their front feet.

These creatures spend most of their time in trees, eating and sleeping without the need to step foot on soil. They also like to lie on branches to sunbathe as they sleep. It can get a bit chilly at night where the red pandas live, so to keep warm, they wrap themselves in their fluffy tails. When temperatures drop significantly, red pandas can become dormant. Their metabolic rate gets lower and increases only every few hours to wake them up so they can look for food, according to the National Zoo.

When they wake up, red pandas groom themselves like cats. They lick their front paws and use them to wipe down their fur instead of a full tongue-to-fur bath, though.

Female red pandas give birth during the spring and summer after a gestation period of 114 to 145 days, although it may be as short as 90 days and as long as 158 days. Females build birthing dens in stumps, hollow trees or rock crevices. Dens are lined with grass, leaves, twigs, moss and small branches.

Females can have one to four young, though they usually have twins. The baby red pandas are called cubs. Cubs' eyes and ears are sealed until they are around 2 to 3 weeks of age. They nurse until they are 13 to 22 weeks old. They stay with their mothers in their birthing dens for about 90 days and reach maturity at 18 to 20 months. A typical life span for a red panda is 8 to 10 years in the wild and 15 years in zoos.

Red Pandas make a twittering sound ... listen here ...

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Joey Wolf
Monday at 7:39 PM

well the good news is, i found my earmuffs........

and it was over 60* today, a glorious first day of spring.......the bad news, i've got a splitting headache, a scratchy throat, a low grade fever, and chills. i'm drinking and gargling this vile concoction that my sister says will stop it in it's tracks......i can only hope! 1 c of hot water, 2 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's with the Mother) juice of 1/2 a lemon, raw honey and a dash of cinnamon......gargle if you can, sip if you can't. the fumes from this burn the hair in your nose! OMG!!! the diffusser is running with the immunity blend essential oil and i am already tired of this game........

Maggie ^O^
Monday at 8:34 AM

Did You Know ...

Some interesting stuff here.

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Maggie ^O^
Monday at 8:33 AM

Good Morning and Happy Monday !

Spring ... can you believe it ?!?!

As much as I love winter, I am ready for all the freshness that spring brings.

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