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We all get annoyed from time to time. Is there something you need to get off your chest?

What is annoying you right now? What has annoyed you in the past that never got settled?

Do you have a helpful suggestion for other members who are annoyed by something?

Do you have something off the wall you want to talk about?

Come on in, grab a drink, pull up a chair and vent your annoyance, or add your off the wall topics ..we are here to just listen, participate or to help if you want it.

We aren't here to solve world problems but you never know, we just may stumble onto something !

Please be nice and respectful.

Do not come into this group with a hidden agenda because we will not tolerate bullies or posers.

Nothing political ... it never ends well.

There is a wonderful group already established where you are welcome to share any and all of your political cartoons or complaints and everyone is welcome to join God, Guns, and Constitution which is located at this link -

Thanks for understanding !

Maggie ^O^
36 Minutes Ago

Good Morning - It's Feel Good Friday !

Yahoooo ... it's Friday ... we made it !

Whatever you do today ... take just a second or 2 and do something to make yourself feel good !

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Maggie ^O^
24 Hours Ago

Fill In The Blank

We all have at least a little bit of it ... what is yours?

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Maggie ^O^
24 Hours Ago

It's Thursday !

Good morning everyone ... we are so close to the weekend I can feel it !

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Maggie ^O^
Tuesday at 4:39 AM

Good Morning - It's TWOfer Tuesday !

I hope your Tuesday will be a good one!

Badgers are the topic of TWOfer Tuesday this week.

Fun Facts About Badgers

Badgers are part of the family Mustelidae this is the same family as otters, ferret, polecats, weasels and wolverines.

There are 11 species of badger, grouped into 3 types, the Melinae (Eurasian badgers), Mellivorinae (Honey badger) and Taxideinae (American badger).

Badgers are found in North America, Ireland, Great Britain and most of Europe. There are species in Japan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The honey badger is found in sub-Saharan Africa, the Arabian Desert, Turkmenistan, and India.

Badgers are nocturnal mammals.

Badgers have stocky bodies with short legs that are suitable for digging. They digs burrows underground called a sett. Their sett are often a maze of tunnels and chambers for sleeping around 6 badgers, setts are kept very clean.

The badger has an elongated head with small ears and a distinctive black and white face, their body has greyish fur with black and white areas underneath.

Badgers can grow to nearly 3 feet. The European badger is larger than the American badger and the Honey badger.

Badgers on average weigh around 20 - 24 lbs.

The badger can run up to 19 mph for a short period of time.

A male badger is called a boar, the female is called a sow and the young are called cubs.

A group of badgers is called a cete, although they are often called clans. There are usually 2 - 15 badgers in a cete.

The honey badger is a carnivorous species that has the reputation of being the most fearless and vicious of all mammals.

Badgers were eaten in Britain during World War II and were once part of the Native American and settlers diets in the US. Russia still eats badger meat today.

Badgers have featured in lots of British literature over the years, such as Brian Jacques' Redwall series, "Tommy Brock" in Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Mr. Tod, "Bill Badger" in Mary Tourtel's Rupert Bear, "Mr. Badger" in Kenneth Grahame's The Wind in the Willows and "Trufflehunter" in C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia.

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Maggie ^O^
Monday at 8:49 AM

Hello Monday !

Good morning everyone ... I see Monday has made a comeback LOL

I hope your week is going to be a great one !

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