Crockpot Mania

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I love using my crockpot and it is getting really more popular now than ever!
I'm hoping to get a lot of your greatest ideas!
Let's share the ones we love the most here!
Thankyou so much!


It's Spring!!!

By Lana Bade - Apr 30, 2014

Yes finally it's snow joke!
The flowers and trees are so pretty!
Birds are nesting in our multiple houses!
We are all so busy
Multitasking is a new word but not unfamiliar to most of us!
That's just another reason to love this way of cooking!
Please keep adding great ideas for Spring/ summer!
Thankyou so...

Are You Annoyed, Do You Need to Vent ?

By Maggie CookingForFun - Apr 11, 2014

Sometimes things or events can be so annoying!

We have all found ourselves - at one time or another being annoyed by something.

Are you annoyed by something right now?

Is it something little, or is it something big?

If it annoys you, it probably annoys other people too.

How about...


By Lana Bade - Apr 9, 2014

I just love all your great input and new recipes !
We are growing and the variety of recipes is just amazing!
The weather is getting warmer and we are now considering a new puppy a black Goldendoodle!
We are searching around but so far all are on wait lists they are so...

Finding recipes for two.

By Sandra McCurdy - Apr 8, 2014

I love my crock pot & all you can do with it. My problem is there is just me & my hubby. Most recipes are for large servings. Is it possible to find recipes for two & do I need a small crock pot??

April Fools Day!

By Lana Bade - Apr 1, 2014

Well it's finally starting to actually warm
Up a bit.
And the sun is shining and it's April!
Today my crockpot is already loaded with my recipe for my roast beef with the addition of applesauce!
Yes this special surprise ingredient is so moist and flavor rich.
I will add a photo to this recipe...