(baby steps) to Delicious Clean Eating(CLEAN EATING RECIPES ONLY!!!! )
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For health reason I must change the why I eat and cook.
Lets explain what clean eating (CE) is. I've found this explanation of clean eating it "Clean Eating for Dummies". It says.....Eating Clean
The Basic Principles of Eating Clean involves not only choosing the right foods to eat but also avoiding all of the junk foods and processed foods that are so readily available. The keys to good health and proper nutrition are in the following principles:
Eat whole foods: Whole foods are foods that haven’t been tampered with, in the lab or the manufacturing plant. The foods you eat on this plan are straight from the farm: whole fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed and free-range meats, low fat dairy products, unsalted nuts, and seeds.
Avoid processed foods: Processed foods are any food that has a label. A label means that more than one ingredient was used to make that food. You don’t have to eliminate all processed foods (like whole grain pasta or natural cheeses), but if you can’t pronounce an ingredient on a label, don’t put that food in your shopping basket.
Eliminate refined sugar. Refined sugar provides nothing but calories. Other sweeteners can be used, but with all the good foods you add to your diet, refined sugar really has very little place in the eating clean plan.
Eat five or six small meals a day. By eating smaller meals throughout the day you can help rev up your metabolism and reduce the chance that you’ll eat some Funyuns rather than that whole grain cracker with nut butter and strawberries. You never get so hungry on this plan that you’ll feel deprived or feel the need to cheat.
Cook your own meals. Instead of buying meals in a box, cook meals from scratch. That’s not as hard as it sounds! Clean, whole foods need little preparation beyond chopping and sautéing to make satisfying, delicious meals your family will love.
Combine protein with carbs. When you do snack or eat a meal, make sure that meal is balanced.
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Jeannine sciara edemamae - Mar 9, 2014
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Melanie B MelBelle - Mar 5, 2014
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Melanie B MelBelle - Mar 2, 2014

Dang- for some reason I thought grapeseed oil was one of the good fats. I just bought a bottle last week. I haven't opened it though, so I may donate it to the food bank.
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