"EVERYTHING MEXICAN" (PLEASE, Mexican foods and drinks ONLY)
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This is a place where all Mexican recipes from A to Z, can be placed. From Avocado Dips to Salsa to Tacos to Watermelon Agua Fresca.
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Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking - 16 Hours Ago
How is everyone this morning? Well, it's 74 degrees and sunny with a high humidity (feels like 84). Today high is 91 with the humidity being high, well make it feel around 100. Lets welcome our new member to the group...WELCOME DAWN ROTH...WELCOME to the group. Hope you enjoy and...
Helene Lopes Gypsyrita - Monday at 8:46 AM
I like this site for recipes and general info, www.burn-blog.com/7232/baja...
Bobby Webb Bobdoescooking - Monday at 7:15 AM
Well, after having a rainy weekend and cool temps, today it's 70 and foggy, with the high 89 and humid.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Helene Lopes Gypsyrita - Friday at 3:34 PM
This is my grandson's new website and you tube videos, appropriate for kids and their friends and family. www.kidsabouttoys.com/YouTu...
Sherry Blizzard akflurry - Friday at 12:41 PM
You guys have to try Fireman Bob's recipe for Smoking BBQ Marinade. I'll try and find the link and post it. Really yummy with chipotle peppers in ancho sauce. I divided it into fourths because this recipe makes enough for 8 large, thick rib eye steaks and I only bbq'd...
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